• I hope you all had another great week with us here at The Awards Circuit! What stood out this week? Amongst other things, Editor-in-Chief Clayton Davis and the entire AC Staff revealed their mid-year Oscar 2013 Predictions! Did Cannes affect our choices? Indubitably yes, but check out each of our predictions to see how much that esteemed festival course-corrected our prognostications. Am I the only one crazy enough to think that Marion Cotillard and Daniel Day Lewis will win the top acting prizes together once more? Probably so, but what’s an Oscar show without a few surprises and historical moments!?
  • We began the week with the announcement of the Cannes Film Festival winners! What does winning the festival’s top prize mean for Amour in terms of Oscar? We’re likely to see the upcoming campaign for Heneke’s Palme D’Or-winning film in a few months time, but it’s certainly placed itself in the stables, waiting to be given the go-ahead to join the race. Be sure as well to check out the chart that shows how each film in competition was received.
  • Various reviews were posted this week. Joey Magidson’s best time at the movies came at the beginning of his weekly review session with Take This Waltz. Things went slightly downhill for our New York critic with Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom, and then plummeted completely with arguably the worst titled film of all time, Piranha 3DD. I’m not sure what’s worse: the title or the fact that a sequel was somehow created. Finally, our second made-for-TV movie review hit the site this week: Philip Kaufmann’s Hemingway & Gelhorn, the most deceptive title for a film in recent memory. I didn’t love HBO Film’s problematic biopic, but I do champion the incredible portrayal of Gellhorn by Nicole Kidman. It’s just a shame she had to be stuck in a poorly visualized film with a co-star who barely had much to say or do at all.
  • Did you guys check out Joey’s DVD Picks-of-the-Week? For his new release selection, Joey chose the hockey comedy Goon, which at first he wasn’t so keen on then found the charm in the film after the second go-around. I won’t pretend like I know anything about hockey or care about the sport — because I don’t — but I do, however, feel that Sean William Scott is slightly underrated in the comedic world, so perhaps I’ll give this a chance and see what Mr. Magidson finds so endearing. For his vintage choice, Joey selected three “stoner” films that perfectly capture the culture and time period in which they’re set: Dazed and Confused, Pineapple Express, and The Wackness. This is a good trio of films to see before checking out this week’s High School, but I recommend you all remain drug free! You heard me!
  • We completed the May cycle of Awards Profiles with Michael Ward’s take on ParaNorman and Daniel Ashtiany’s survey of Palme D’Or winner Amour. Does the next animated feature from Laika Studios have what it takes to topple Disney•Pixar’s Brave? I doubt it, but never doubt the studio that brought us the eerily delightful Coraline. As for Amour, is Heneke finally going to see a film of his in the “Best Picture” roster? I agree with my fellow staffer; it’s very unlikely, but I do believe its chances are extremely high in the “Best Screenplay” category — I actually have Heneke winning in this category in my Oscar Predictions.
  • Trailers, trailers, and more trailers! We began with Cannes standout Holy Motors, followed by Tom Hooper’s Les Miserables. Based on the amount of reader comments this article contained, I daresay many of you were impressed by what Hooper had to offer — see, he’s not so bad after all — and are mostly convinced that Anne Hathaway has a solid chance of winning her first Oscar. Your enthusiasm was so palpable and persuasive that I had to break my cardinal rule of not watching trailers and give this one a look-over. Well, Hathaway’s “I Dreamed a Dream” doesn’t measure up vocally to Susan Boyle’s version, naturally, but it’s hauntingly phrased nonetheless. I’m…intrigued. We also saw new trailers for The Bourne Legacy and Premium Rush. Since we’re in a trailer mood (when aren’t we in one?), how did you guys feel about the 13th Annual Golden Trailer Awards and its winner? I have to say, I’m happy about the awards because it may be the only awards show that throws a nomination bone to Haywire. Underrated? Yes, so go check it out!
  • Did you all participate in Mark Johnson’s weekly Circuit 3 piece? This week’s birthday boy was Morgan Freeman, and if you cannot pick a film of his off the top of your head, you might need a trip to Antarctica to form a posse with some penguins. They’ll educate you on the complete Morgan Freeman filmography, guaranteed!
  • The most important event of the week was the return of our very own Awards Circuit historian, Mr. John H. Foote! We welcome John back into the fold, and our prayers continue to surround him during this difficult time in his life. Check out John’s first article since he’s been back: his official half-year Oscar 2013 Predictions. John, welcome back my friend; we all look forward to reading many more of your passionate and detailed articles in the near future.
  • Once again, a big thanks to all our loyal readers for taking the time to browse the site on a daily basis. You keep us strong and thriving, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Just a reminder: please don’t forget to submit your questions for today’s “Power Hour” podcast episode! Until next week…hasta la vista movie-lovers!



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