• Hello everyone! I am officially back to bring you the weekly recap on all that went down at The Awards Circuit. I would like to thank Robert Hamer for doing a tremendous job taking over the reins for two weeks during my deep entrenchment in the Los Angeles Film Festival. Speaking of Los Angeles’ most prestigious movie festival, we began the week with my final diary entry (*sobs*) as well as my personal festival awards, highlighting the best at LAFF. Despite Beasts of the Southern Wild being a truly remarkable piece of filmmaking, I had to give my top prize to Rolando Colla’s uncomfortably realistic Summer Games. This film, that most recently won “Best Film” at the Swiss Film Prize (Switzerland’s version of the Oscars®), has been received rather antagonistically by many American critics, so I guess I’m in the minority of stateside film critics that absolutely loved this cinematic gem to pieces — go figure! I am crossing my fingers that this Swiss entry for last year’s “Best Foreign Language Film” will be released in the U.S. so our readers and my fellow colleagues can watch and react to it.
  • Did you all check out our most recent episode of “Power Hour?” Please do so, as we reveal your winners for the 1st Annual ACCA for Television. I’m not going to lie…the winners turned out to be stellar selections, and as Clayton noted, there was some excellent diversity amongst the nominees. Here’s to hoping some of our ACCA TV winners translate to Emmy® nominees and subsequent winners!
  • Joey Magidson’s DVD Pick-of-the-Week was none other than 2012’s best comedy thus far, 21 Jump Street. Having recently seen this film, I can attest to its hilarious screenplay with equally hilarious performances, but this film really is about Channing Tatum’s comedic breakthrough. Jonah Hill brings his usual blend of sweet nerd turned crazy ladies man to this role — in other words, it’s nothing you haven’t seen from Hill before. Joey’s Vintage selection, in honor of the upcoming stuffed-animal flick Ted, is last year’s Jodie Foster-directed The Beaver. I have really fought against watching this film — for the obvious reasons, no doubt — but once again Joey is making it harder and harder for me to avoid it for long with all his heaped-on praise. I think I’ll cave in shortly.
  • We had a slew of reviews this week, beginning with Terence Johnson’s take on Aaron Sorkin’s latest, The Newsroom. I’ll watch any Sorkin project just to hear the zippy and highly intellectual dialogue, so count me in! Next up was Joey Magidson’s review of the anti-Showgirls film (no, really), Steven Soderbergh’s Magic Mike. Can Channing Tatum reverse the gender trend of women always being Oscar®-nominated for stripper roles? As Robert Hamer stated in his Weekend Openings article, I highly doubt it when considering the Academy voting bloc, but Soderbergh’s latest could do very well at awards season given the recent box office success and critical acclaim. Ironically, the one film that at this point seems destined for Oscar® love was not fully embraced by our perennial staff writer, Joey Magidson. Although he found a lot to like, Joey wasn’t quite on board the love bandwagon (which I admit to being on) for Benh Zeitlin’s Beasts of the Southern Wild. John H. Foote went back in time to remind us of the underrated musical Across the Universe. I can’t say I disagree with our resident historian — this Beatles homage was a true delight! Finally, Joey closed the film reviews for the week with Seth MacFarlane’s live-action comedy Ted. Am I the only person in the world who wants to see this film because Mila Kunis is in it? *Crickets chirping* Guess so…
  • We continued the 30 Days of Batman series with our two-week Understanding the Characters segment. Mark Johnson started us off with an in-depth look into the caped crusader himself, the one…the only…Batman. Joey continued things from there with Nolan’s recent arch-villain Bane, the deadly man with a host of muscles that will most likely do some heavy damage later this month. Next up was Anna Belickis, who purred her adoration of the feline cat burglar known simply as Catwoman. Can Anne Hathaway top Michelle Pfeiffer’s delicious turn as Batman’s top female nemesis? We shall certainly see. Daniel Ashtiany then gave us some great insight into Bruce Wayne’s most loyal servant and friend, Alfred the Butler. John H. Foote ended the week with a historical look into the character of Commissioner Gordon, AKA DC Comics’ most undervalued hero (in my opinion). Be sure to keep reading these Batman articles as they release daily — they’re sure to be a fantastic glance into one of fiction’s greatest universes.
  • So who was the subject of Mark Johnson’s Circuit 3 this week? Well, if you know the subject’s identity without looking on Google or Wikipedia for recent celebrity birthdays, then the Schwartz is really with you! For everyone else who fails at utilizing the Schwartz, click the link here to find out!
  • Now that ACCA TV is over, will we have some room to breath? No freaking way! That’s right, voting for ACCA 2000 is currently underway, so I hope everyone has caught up on their filmography from the 21st century’s inaugural year. Will I be alone in my disappointment of the imminent The Road to El Dorado snub? I’m sure I will be, and in that case I’m going to go drown in my sorrows by re-watching this underrated animated gem and spewing out all of the lines I’ve memorized (“Tulio…DA HIP! DA HIP!!).
  • Finally, Editor-in-Chief Clayton Davis has updated his official Oscar® Predictions, and it couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time seeing as how we’ve just passed the first half of the film year! Is this year going to deliver us the youngest nominee for “Best Actress” with Quvenzhane Wallis? Beasts of the Southern Wild’s universal acclaim has that feat nearly sewn up, but keep track of Clayton’s Oscar predix. He’s usually right! Thanks again for reading our articles this week, and we look forward to unleashing many Superhero-friendly articles in honor of July’s Spidey vs. Bathalamew’s duel of the summer season! Stay tuned!



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