Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 7/15)


  • Another week at the The Awards Circuit, and our 30 Days of Batman series is still going strong! We began with Joey Magidson’s reminiscence of “Christopher Nolan’s Journey With Batman” followed by Daniel Ashtiany’s water cooler speculation about the “2015 Batman Reboot.” As long as nobody related to the Twilight franchise is involved, I’ll be game for whoever becomes a part of this future endeavor. Whether Batman’s next journey is complete crap, I’ll always have Nolan’s films to smile upon, and no crapfest will ever diminish the fine contribution Nolan made to the origins of our favorite Caped Crusader. Robert continued the series with his article, “Batman Below-the-Line” (Close your eyes kids — things are going to get a bit NC-17 for this one!), that gives multiple shout-outs to many of the crew that created the memorable visuals and cinematic beauty of the Batman films. It’s always nice to acknowledge the little guys, especially if what they’re giving us is anything but miniscule. I then took thinks back to the glorious 60s where we witnessed the first important player in a Batman live-action world, Mr. Adam West with his Batman: The TV Series show. Sure, it was cheesy and slightly offensive to all comic book lovers everywhere, but at least it’s gotten us to this great point in the Batman film-verse, and for that who can ever be resentful? Jumping ahead 30 years, still in the past, I switched gears and provided a historical review of one of animation’s greatest television programs, Batman: The Animated Series. Do yourself a favor — go watch this show and then tell me it’s not quintessential Batman. I dare you! Finally, Joey gave us an in-depth look at the actor behind Bane himself, Mr. Tom Hardy. I’ll admit to not really responding to Inception’s Eames as much as everyone else apparently did (but to be fair, I didn’t respond very favorably to that film either), but even I cannot deny what a terrific actor Hardy is in films like Warrior and Bronson. He’s a menace on-screen, bringing a ferocity that’s rare in Hollywood’s string of “nice and pretty” performances. 
  • Did you happen to catch our latest “Power Hour” episode? If not, click here, and then head to the ACCA 2000 voting station to vote for the winners from the ACCA nominations that you selected! The polls will close when the Knight begins to Rise (Friday, July 20th), so hop to it!
  • For his DVD Pick-of-the-Week, Joey Magidson picked the film that’s been waiting in the wings for far, far too long: Margaret. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to wait a bit longer than the rest, since my copy from Netflix doesn’t come to me until August. Oh well, at least I can still watch Anna Paquin making a mockery of herself on True Blood for the time being. For his vintage pick, Joey chose a foreign film staff favorite, Dogtooth, in honor of the director’s recently released film Alps. I think it’s time I go back to the library again and pick up some movies!
  • Series’ that we are proud to bring each week continue to be massive hits with you all. John H. Foote’s “Best of the Decade: 1940s” article not only listed some of the best films of that decade, but also provided a forum for you all to share some very unique and memorable selections. Personally, nothing says “great film” in the 1940s like Michael Curtiz’s Casablanca, but I do have to give a shout-out to a great B-noir flick named Detour, which should still be streaming on Netflix if anyone is interested. Ann Savage delivers a career defining-role as a wild-eyed femme fatale named Vera. As for Mark Johnson’s popular Circuit 3, this week he challenged you all to come up with three of your favorite Tom Hanks’ films. Yeah, that’s not an easy task whatsoever — thanks Mark for the homework! Still, it was worth the effort as we came to the conclusion that Tom Hanks has so many great films, so many great roles, that he’s undoubtedly one of the best actors in modern cinema history, much less ever.
  • Most importantly, we have to acknowledge Terence Johnson’s terrific work covering Comic-Con this year — a first in Awards Circuit history! Make sure you check out his Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 diary entries, as well as many of the numerous articles he’s posted thus far that cover a variety of upcoming films/television shows. What are you waiting for? Geek out! Thank you all once again for a fantastic week. Next week, I’m going to cry tears of joy (hopefully) and tears of sadness as Nolan’s Batman franchise comes to an end. By this time next week, I’ll have seen The Dark Knight Rises as well as most of the staff, and you can bet the words “Oscar,” “amazing,” “disappointing,” “WTF,” and “SHE’S HOT!” will be thrown around a lot on the site, so be prepared! Stay tuned for more…