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  • We have arrived, everyone! After waiting for four years, The Dark Knight Rises is finally upon us, and to say it consumed this week at The Awards Circuit would be the understatement of 2012. After wrapping up the final articles of our successful 30 Days of Batman Series with Mark Johnson’s “Batman at the Box Office” article, Michael Ward’s examination of the face-off between Batman and Oscar™, my biographical piece on “The Writers Behind Batman,” and Terence Johnson’s “What to Expect in TDKR,” it was time to unleash some reviews for one of the biggest films to come along…maybe ever.
  • Please immerse yourself in each of our own takes on the Caped Crusader’s final journey through the creative eyes of God himself, Christopher Nolan (too much? I agree. Oh well…): First up was John H. Foote, who was floored by the consistency of Nolan’s franchise that culminated with a beyond worthy final film in the trilogy. Second was our Editor-in-Chief Clayton Davis, who for the first time not only thoroughly loved a Nolan Batman flick from beginning to end, but also deemed it an Oscar™ contender of the highest quality. Next up was perennial staff writer, Joey Magidson, who was so swept away by the emotional power of Nolan’s latest masterpiece that tears welled up in his eyes in the last few moments of the film. This is why we go to the movies, folks! I was up next, and I wanted to approach this review a little differently, so I opted to take a gamble and go in for my close-up with my TDKR VLOG review. Finally, Michael Ward closed the review sessions for the week with his passionate take on the final Batman film in a trilogy that he holds close to his heart as a moviegoer. The only other film reviews of the week were Michael Winterbottom’s Trishna and Superman Returns, which John so graciously revisited in order to get us excited for Zack Synder’s upcoming Man of Steel.
  • Was there more to this week than just Batman? Why, yes of course! Terence Johnson closed his experience at 2012 Comic-Con by sharing with us his final Diary Entry of the convention, Day 4, and also publishing an official review of Tom Hank’s animated web show on Yahoo, Electric City. Be sure to check them out!
  • What new release reigned supreme on Joey Magidson’s DVD Pick-of-the-Week article? It’s none other than Jennifer Westfeldt’s indie couples drama, Friends With Kids. It’s on my Netflix queue, so check out this Lionsgate film that flew under everyone’s radar! For his vintage pick, Joey appropriately asked that everyone revisit Nolan’s first two films, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. While neither have the meat of the last film nor its outstanding ensemble work, they are still two of the best films in the superhero genre.
  • Another major event that happened this week was the Emmy nominations! Before unveiling the list for us, Terence gave us a quick go at some last minute predictions, and for the most part they panned out like he surmised (excellent call on Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery!). Still, one can’t help but feel — minus Downton Abbey‘s slew of worthy nominations — that these Emmy nods pale heavily in comparison to our readers’ own ACCA TV noms. You guys nominated favorites like Louie and Community (shows that have been criminally ignored by the esteemed TV awards committee), and even crowned American Idol the winner for “Best Reality TV Show,” but all three were shunned and snubbed for the big noms for this year’s Emmy show — a shame! Also bothersome? Boardwalk Empire is nominated over the far more consistent and of equal quality, The Good Wife. How  Boardwalk Empire’s Michael Pitt lost out on a nomination for “Best Supporting Actor” when he was the best part of the season is beyond reason. But the worst offense of the ENTIRE announcement morning was Betty White’s nomination for “Best Reality TV Host” over Survivor’s Jeff Probst. Look, I can understand that the dude has won 3 deserving Emmys and could probably use a break from a win, but that doesn’t mean he should be excluded from the entire roster altogether. And the committee thought Betty White, whose “elderly cuteness” somehow has been an excuse to get her nominated for every award imaginable, should replace Probst because of her “hosting abilities” on Off Their Rockers? Somebody get me some scotch and bourbon.
  • Mark Johnson’s Circuit 3 this week was dedicated to a great actor who can jump from dramatic to comedic roles and back again, and still may us laugh and cry with both sides of his acting…the ridiculously talented Robin Williams.  Yes, this actor actually made me sit through, and dare I say slightly enjoy, a sappy crapfest on paper, Bicentennial Man, so let’s all celebrate his birthday by sharing your favorite films of his! (Hook anyone? Beyond Julia Robert’s Razzie-nominated Tinkerbell, I feel it’s a Spielberg classic of sorts, but that could be my inner child speaking *ducks for cover from the tomatoes being thrown his way*) Also check out Mark Johnson’s introductory article to a new series, Around The Circuit, where we look at fellow Oscar™ sites and their perspective on what’s sure to be a competitive awards season this year.
  • Editor-in-Chief Clayton Davis gives us his own ACCA 2000 awards: The Davis Awards. Please check out Clayton Davis’ entire list of winners before listening to today’s podcast where we reveal your ACCA 2000 winners! Please be sure to submit a reader question for the “Power Hour” episode if you haven’t already.
  • Thank you all for a great week at the site, one of our most popular ever I’m sure, but we do have to turn our attention to the Aurora Theater Shooting tragedy for a moment. Like our Editor stated, The Awards Circuit is keeping the victims of the Colorado shootings in our prayers, and we implore everyone to take the time to mourn, but don’t let fear win by preventing you from cherishing a place many of us consider home away from home: the local movie theater. Thanks again for your continued readership, and we look forward to bringing you our next major series!


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