Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 8/12)


  • Another week, another entertaining time at your favorite awards prognostication site, The Awards Circuit! We began by presenting another installment of our popular “Power Hour” podcast series, this week’s being one of the most listened to yet. Please be sure to check it out, as Editor-in-Chief Clayton Davis, Joey Magidson, Terence Johnson, and yours truly break down the current “state of the Oscar race” alongside many more fun topics. Michael Ward provides us with the Weekend Box Office updates while Mark stuns us again with another “Did You Know?” segment. Please, do yourself a favor, have a listen. Also, don’t miss the upcoming episode with Special Guest Star…*drum roll*…Sasha Stone from! The Empress of Awards Prognostication joins our weekly dissection of the 2012 awards race, and she’ll definitely be listening in on — and perhaps responding to — your reader questions! Have I gotten you excited enough yet? Gee, I sure hope so!
  • Several reviews hit the site, but shockingly a good majority of the mixed or negative ones were on films most perceived to be potential critical darlings. Despite the talent involved, neither Tony Gilroy’s The Bourne Legacy nor The Campaign managed to uplift the patriarchal spirits of Joey Magidson and Michael Ward. Both had potential, both ultimately disappointed. In addition, despite Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep putting forth some swell effort in the field of comedy, Joey Magidson couldn’t find a lot to praise about in regards to Hope Springs. When Hollywood gets you down, it may be best to turn to the often-ignored indie and documentary circles. Editor-in-Chief Clayton Davis shares his fondness for Paul Williams Still Alive, a revealing documentary on one of America’s greatest songwriters, Mr. Paul Williams himself. Elsewhere, Joey Magidson took quite a liking to 2 Days in New York, a slice of Woody Allen-esque comedy that sits comfortably thanks to Julie Delpy at the director’s helm.
  • Like we always do, trailers were given plenty of “screen time,” shall we say, here at The Awards Circuit. Featured this week in the trailer department were Kathryn Bigelow’s potential Oscar player, Zero Dark Thirty; Josh Radnor’s Liberal Arts; that film where Clint Eastwood and Justin Timberlake have a conversation at a bar (who woulda thunk it?), Trouble With The Curve;  and another 2012 film featuring Paul Rudd sitting on a toilet, This Is 40. There could be two or three Oscar contenders in this trailer lineup, so get ready for the fall!
  • What new DVD/Blu-Ray release managed to become Joey Magidson’s DVD-Pick-Of-The-Week? Not surprisingly, it was the only new release of genuine quality, Marley, a documentary that digs deep into the iconic reggae artist himself. While Marley hasn’t received the same overwhelming praise as some other docs this year (The Invisible War, TheQueen of Versailles and Jiro Dreams of Sushi to name a few), it still could do quite well in the precursors, so definitely check this one out. Oscar talk aside, Joey recommends Marley to fans and non-fans alike, so it’s well worth your time. For his vintage selection, Joey went with a slew of politically-skewed films in honor of this week’s release of The Campaign. I’ve never been a huge political junkie, so I’m drawing a blank on which political films to recommend and turning it over to our expert, Joey Magidson.
  • The biggest movie-related news of the week was definitely Baz Lurhmann’s The Great Gatsby being pushed back to an even more crowded release period, Summer 2013. Bad news always seems to take precedence, but let’s not gloss over some truly wonderful news that was unveiled this week: Joss Whedon, comic book filmmaker extraordinaire, has signed on to write and direct the sequel to the highest grossing movie of 2012, Marvel/Disney’s The Avengers. With a Marvel TV Series also in development, Whedon is quickly becoming a “fan-favorite” director/writer/producer for the world. Wrapping the week’s awards and movie news from across the internet was Mark Johnson’s latest edition of Around The Circuit, so be sure to give it a whirl.
  • John H. Foote allowed us to get our “groove” on by turning back time and diving into the great movie decade that was the 1960s. If you haven’t gotten a chance to already, please give John’s Best of the Decade: 1960s list a look, and then share your own favorite films from this memorable time period. John also relived more great moments from his many Toronto International Film Festival experiences with TIFF Golden Moments Part 3. Let’s cross our fingers that this year at TIFF will be bring a plethora of new “golden moments” for our favorite historian.
  • It’s Johnson on Hoffman this week on Circuit 3. Don’t miss it, and be sure to include your own “circuit 3” on the very best in Dustin Hoffman filmography. Oh, and if anyone includes Mr. Magorum’s Wonder Emporium on their list, I will personally be writing a letter to Santa, and you might have to settle with whatever presents Billy Bob Thornton brings you through the chimney for Christmas 2012.
  • Two of the biggest articles this week came from Editor-in-Chief Clayton Davis. The Oscar race is about to heat up in a major way, and in preparation for it Clayton constructed a fully detailed rundown of the potential Oscar candidates in the major acting categories. Take a look at his piece on the overcrowded field of potential “Best Actor” nominees, “Too Many Actors, Too Little Spaces — A Look At Best Actor.” Completely the opposite of the crowded “Best Actor” field is the sparse “Leading Actress” race, which doesn’t really seem to be a race at all now that Quvenzhane Wallis seems to be the only real contender coming out of the first half of 2012. What lies ahead in the future for our leading ladies of fall 2012? Clayton takes a gander on the remainder of the year by putting his clairvoyant abilities to their ultimate use: predicting who’ll be nominated for the Oscars! Check out his “Best Actress” analysis, “‘Best Actress’ Award Or ‘Whatever We Have Left Over.'” Once again, thank you for your continued readership, and please stand by as we continue to unveil even more Oscar 2013 Predictions. Here’s to another fantastic week with us at The Awards Circuit!