Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 8/19)


  • The Awards Circuit began the week by getting Stone-d. No kids, not that kind of getting “stoned” — the better one which includes being in the presence of the Queen of Oscar Predictions…the one who started it all for us online awards prognosticators…Sasha Stone, Editor-in-Chief and founder of  Sasha Stone was our humble guest on this week’s episode of “Power Hour,” and not only was she a popular and pertinent contributor to the awards race discussion amongst the staff, but she also drew in the largest “Power Hour” audience yet with over 600 “plays.” She gave us a lot of food for thought for the Oscar 2013 race, possibly convincing many to rethink former predictions for the better. Without question, Sasha Stone’s guest appearance on “Power Hour” was the highlight of our week, and we thank her for taking the time out of her schedule to talk Oscars with us!
  • I’m not sure if you noticed, but St. Patrick’s day came twice this year. Can’t you tell by all the “Green” talk this week? Yes, with five articles concerning Disney’s new film, The Odd Life of Timothy Green, there was no shortage in the color that Abraham Lincoln currently calls home. Positive reviews from yours truly and Joey Magidson (and Mike Ward too!), alongside an interview with director Peter Hedges and star CJ Adams — not to mention some roundtable coverage from the press junket — should more than convince you to go check out this heartfelt family dramedy that hasn’t received nearly as much praise as it deserves to. It’s perhaps the one film The Awards Circuit has almost stood alone in championing this year, so go ahead and take a chance on “Timothy Green.”
  • Finally, Joey Magidson is pleased to announce a terrific week for new DVD releases! His DVD-Pick-of-the-Week is none other than the Indonesian martial arts action film that was a critical darling earlier in the year, Raid: The Redemption. I don’t think I’ve been more excited to see a film that I unfortunately missed at the cineplex last spring. You can bet it will be at the top of my Netflix queue (after I finish Dexter, Season Six — my current favorite show on television takes precedence!). For his vintage selection, Joey chose his favorite Cronenberg film in honor of Cosmopolis’ release, the bizarrely wonderful Videodrome. David Cronenberg is not a director I’m too familiar with, so I’ll have to take the plunge in the strange and fascinating to see why Joey is praising this movie so highly. Can’t wait!
  • Editor-in-Chief Clayton Davis surmises the possibility of a surprise entry by Matthew McConaughey in the 2013 Oscar race with his role as Dallas from the mega-hit Magic Mike. However, with his highly buzzed film Mud pushed to a 2013 release date, The Academy may just want to hold on to McConaughey’s golden ticket until the indie gem makes a splash next year.
  • PsychoRear WindowVertigoThe BirdsNorth By Northwest. When you see these names in any form of print, your brain doesn’t automatically think about the plot or the characters or even the stunning sequences. You see these names, and you automatically conjure up the image of one of the greatest directors of all-time, Sir Alfred Hitchcock. Hitch had a birthday this week, and Mark Johnson asked us to celebrate it in his in latest Circuit 3 article by listing your three favorite Hitchcock films. A tall order to be sure, but fun nonetheless!
  • We love creating new segments and series’ at The Awards Circuit for your pleasure, so TV fans on the site should be happy that they’ll have something to hold them over until September’s Emmy show thanks to our latest series…Emmy Chatter, Featuring: Yours Truly (Joseph Braverman) and Terence Johnson. Every week, we’ll be breaking down each category with some astute analysis and the occasional snarkfest. Join in on the conversation following your read-through of our “chatter” on the Miniseries & Movie Category, and we’ll be sure to answer any questions you may have. I hope you enjoy it, and thanks once again for joining us for another terrific week at The Awards Circuit! This coming week is going to be another exciting one, so stay tuned!