Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 9/2)


  • As summer comes to an end, The Awards Circuit knows that the year’s “hottest” days are ahead of us thanks to some fall releases that will really start to heat up the awards season. One such film, Terrence Malick’s To The Wonder, is surmised to be a major last-minute player for the 2013 Oscars® on our most recent episode of Power Hour. The staff also divulged on their favorite summer movie-going experiences, with anecdotes that drew laughter and fond nostalgia. Going to the midnight release of District 9 was my personal favorite time at the movies in the summer, in large part because of how utterly involved and participatory the audience was. District 9 managed to bowl everyone over and elicit every kind of explosive emotion and expletive. No one thought it was an Oscar® player then, but boy oh boy it was certainly the surprise of the year! Good times at the movies, indeed!
  • Although he wouldn’t exactly call it a treasure of a film, Joey Magidson’s DVD Pick-of-the-Week was…The Pirates! Band of Misfits. I’ve been waiting for the next great animated movie after watching the delightful The Secret World of Arrietty, so I’m crossing my fingers that all the good reviews dabbed onto this particular flick signify a certain higher-than-usual quality in animated film making. The movie may not be the Oscar® player that Aardman Animations’ Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit was — mostly due to its poor box office returns — but never, ever count out Peter Lord, an Academy darling. For his vintage choice, Joey went with Zack and Miri Make a Porno in honor of the newest line of “raunchy comedy done (maybe?) right,” For a Good Time, Call.
  • Guess which film festival ignited some serious Oscar® buzz for Ben Affleck’s upcoming thriller, Argo? It was none other than the Telluride Film Festival! Following some extremely good word of mouth from those who attended the sneak screening of Argo, Affleck may finally accomplish what he was unable to do for his former directorial efforts, The Town and Gone Baby Gone — get a movie of his onto that all-important “Best Picture” lineup.
  • Mark Johnson brought to our attention some very important AMPAS news. The “Best Original Song” category is now concretely sticking to five nominees, doing away with the varying range of potential candidates (two, in last year’s case) that are positioned for the Oscar®. The good news: more nominees means a more diversified pool of songs. And the bad news? Taylor Swift’s odds of being nominated for an Oscar® have suddenly increased. If The Hunger Games has any chance at an Oscar® nomination, it’s in the “Best Original Song” category *shudders*. In other news: Short Subject Documentaries are to be submitted to AMPAS no later than September 4th for Oscar® consideration, so what are you waiting for?
  • Speaking of Mark Johnson, he couldn’t help himself but sing the birthday praises of one of cinema’s most iconic movie actresses, the great and incomparably beautiful Ingrid Bergman. Please list your top three favorite Bergman (the actress, not director, fellow cinephiles) films in Mark’s latest edition of Circuit 3. Mark also took us for another weekly spin with his Around the Circuit article, giving us glimpses into the far-reaching quadrants of the Awards Prognostication galaxy.
  • A new series came to life this week: John H. Foote’s Oscar Shocks, which spoke of the biggest travesties in “Best Actor” snubs (either not winning or simply not being nominated). I hate to relive last year, but Ryan Gosling for Drive and Michael Fassbender for Shame are just two performances that I will never understand being ignored — two amazing roles that are very rare in contemporary cinema, perhaps too much so to handle?
  • Don’t forget to check out Terence Johnson’s newest edition of Late Press, and definitely do not miss the third part of our Emmy Chatter series, where Terence and I harp on the woes that befell this year’s “Reality TV” and “Variety Series” categories. Thank you again for your continued devotion to the site, and please submit your reader questions in for today’s recorded Power Hour episode! Have a fantastic week, Awards Circuit readers!