Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 9/23)

  • The awards race is really starting to shape up right now, and The Awards Circuit was on site this week at the New York Film Festival to report on potential Oscar bidders as well as a slew of yet-to-be-released titles coming our way! Hyde Park on Hudson might not be a serious awards contender next year, but that doesn’t mean it’s a poor film according to Editor-in-Chief Clayton Davis. Depending on what happens with its release date, our editor also believes Frances Ha might just be the indie that sneaks in this year. Word is that the film’s a gem, and its writer and star, Greta Gerwig, most assuredly deserves Oscar recognition in the “Best Actress” category. Joey Magidson, who is also in attendance at NYFF with our fearless leader, reveals his thoughts on Brian De Palma’s new film, Passion, while also making some time to watch two documentaries on Hollywood icons (John Cassavetes and Roman Polanski: Odd Man Out). All in all, there could be an Oscar contender in the mix from what Joey and Clayton have seen, but surely the big guns will soon show their barrels (Life of Pi  and Flight).
  • This week’s Power Hour celebrated its 20th episode! First of all, thank you to all the readers who allocate at least an hour or so of your time every week to listen in on our prognostication talk. That’s what keeps us going, and it’s been our pleasure to give a voice to our thoughts on this awards season to each and every one of you! This episode, you’ll hear some Emmy last-minute predictions, TIFF wrap-up talk, and *drum roll* your ACCA: Best of Decade winners! Competition was so tight, that the movie which won “Best Picture of the Decade” defeated the runner-up by an extremely close and incredibly close three votes! A landslide is never any fun, so thanks for voting as well as rewarding us with a nail-biting few minutes of suspense while Clayton read the winners aloud. Don’t forget to submit your reader questions for the upcoming episode, where we’ll be joined by The Hollywood Reporter’s voice of Oscar reason, Scott Feinberg.
  • Now that TIFF has closed its doors for the year, Joey Magidson begins his Sizing Up series, starting of course with “Best Picture.” Click here to find out which 2012 film entries Joey feels have the best chance of making it into that “Best Picture” lineup. Joey even lists the maybes and long-shots, so if a film you’re banking on isn’t in the “front runner” list, don’t count your chickens yet! Things may turn around immensely in a few weeks or month’s time (see: Silver Linings Playbook, recent winner of TIFF: Audience Award).
  • Joey Magidon’s DVD Pick-of-the-Week is a flick that will make you scream, laugh, and cry when it’s all over…Cabin in the Woods. The Joss Whedon-penned horror film is arriving on Monday for yours truly, courtesy of Netflix. I’m not going to lie — my expectations are pretty high at this point, but Joey and I usually see things eye to eye when it comes to the horror genre, so I assume I’ll love it as much as he did. For his vintage choice (please don’t say Rampart!), Joey goes with Cop Land (phew!) in honor of the newly released policeman drama, End of Watch. The latest edition of Blu Circuit focused on new releases of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and October Baby. Can you guess which one our Editor-in-Chief thought was the more likely Oscar contender?
  • Mark Johnson unleashed a new Around The Circuit and Circuit 3, the latter focusing on one of the only living Hollywood legends from golden era past — Lauren Bacall. In honor of her 88th birthday, reward this husky-toned Hollywood starlet by listing three of your favorite films of hers! We promise, we won’t bite your head off if you list a Bacall film without her movie cohort and former husband, Humphrey Bogart.
  • Will Hitchcock get the last laugh during the 85th Academy Award telecast by winning “Best Picture”? While I don’t give the film’s chances much weight when it comes to a “Best Picture” nod, the recent announcement of The Master of Suspense’s biopic, Hitchcock, securing a November release should have both the “Best Actress” and “Best Actor” contenders worried. Word is already strong for Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren, so this late-minute entry in the race could do some damage in several categories, especially since The Academy announced it’s extending the time between the nomination announcement and the actual ceremony.
  • If you have not already checked out the recent updates of the site’s official Oscar Predictions for 2013, please do so! Editor-in-Chief Clayton Davis has added new commentaries for each possible nominee as well as refreshed the prediction page entirely following TIFF.
  • Finally, I hope you all join us for today’s LIVE Emmy Blog, which begins promptly at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern time. We look forward to chatting with everyone, and excitedly reacting to the Emmy wins, both with glee and disappointment (you know somebody’s going to get the shaft)! Have a terrific week everybody and, as always, thanks for your loyalty and readership! Hope to chat with everyone soon in a matter of hours!


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