Comic-Con Diary: Preview Night

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IMG_0441Hello you amazing and wonderful readers and welcome to the 2013 Comic-Con Diaries (sounds like a CW series title). Though there will be specific write ups of the bigger panels, this will serve as a more free form diary of the happenings in San Deigo. Lets get started.

After waking up before the crack of dawn (3:30 am Houston time) I got to San Diego super early in the morning in order to avoid the disastrous travel situation I encountered last year. I’m staying at the Four Points Sheraton, which is a bit further than last year but it’s quieter. I ended up getting something to eat from Burger Lounge, which is a place foodies apparently go to get their burgers. It was close to where I was staying and I ended up spending $17 on a burger, shake and fries. That was a recurring theme today unfortunately.

I then made my way over to the convention center to pick up my badge where I waited in the longest line in the history of long lines. For visual representation, look at the picture below. Registration is at Hall D which you can’t even see cause I was so far back.


So basically after surviving the Gone with the Wind of registration lines, I had to floor it to get to The Godzilla Encounter Legendary Pictures had set up. The Godzilla Encounter while brief was pretty awesome and a definite highlight of the day. At first when you enter, you see a room thats sets up like a Tokyo street and full of old memorabilia/vintage Godzilla stuff like this:


Then an alarm goes off and your are whisked into a control room, where the workers ask for your help in finding the creature. Basically, we got to flip a bunch of switches and push buttons, before we were ushered into an “elevator.” Before the elevator reaches the top, it stops and deposits you on the 25th floor where you see Godzilla walking around the city through the office windows. It was so much fun. Also, I am really digging the design of Godzilla and the posters that have been released at least show they are interested in the scale of this movie.

PHibRjOLDghGmi_1_mI then leisurely walked back to the convention center and entered the exhibit hall, where I quickly made my way over to the FOX booth to get THE must have accessory of Comic-Con, a poster tube. For any Con goer, it’s like the Holy Grail of giveaways cause it’s big enough for most, if not all posters sold. After that acquisition I walked around the hall for a bit before deciding to just visit the Mondo table and leave. For someone like me who generally hates large groups of people and slow walkers, the exhibit hall can be a nightmare.  Surprisingly, I only contemplated murder once on my way over to Mondo and was shocked to find that there was no line, thanks to online pre-sales. In two minutes, I was able to acquire this gorgeous poster for Pacific Rim. After this victory, I felt I deserved a treat and was also in dire need of some energy to help get me through; convention prices are horrendous.

The final stop of the day was Ballroom 20 where the Preview Night festivities was taking place. I managed to catch the pilot for Almost Human and two commercials for new CW shows (Star Crossed and The 100). I honestly would have stayed longer but those commercials were so trash I couldn’t take it any more. Thankfully the pilot for Almost Human was worthwhile. Created by J.H. Wyman, the show is set 35 years into the future when humans in the Los Angeles Police Department are paired up with life-like androids, as Detective John Lennox (Karl Urban), who has a dislike for robots ends up being teamed up with one with emotional feelings (Michael Ealy). As far as first episodes go, it was a strong showcase of what the show has to offer, and is totally positioning itself to be this year’s Revolution. I really enjoyed the chemistry between Ealy and Urban, and then manage to get laughs out of the simplest of lines. I think they are going to have to streamline the whole syndicate plot line but I was impressed in the world building the pilot did and will look forward to the show in the fall.

That’s all for today. Tomorrow brings panels fro Europa Report, Divergent, Teen Wolf, and Enders Game, as well as the EW visionaries panel and a screening of Starz pilot for Black Sails.

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Written by Terence Johnson

When he's not enduring Shade Samurai training from Victoria Grayson, you can find Terence spends his time being an avid watcher of television, Criterion film collector, Twitter addict, and awards season obsessive. Opinionated but open minded, ratchet but with class, Terence holds down the fort as the producer of the Power Hour podcast. You can follow him on Twitter at @LeNoirAuteur.


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