Comic-Con: EW Visionaries Panel highlights long takes, 3D, changing cinema

As you know, the EW Visionaries panel was one of the panels I was most looking forward to and the panel did not disappoint. EW’s Anthony Breznican hosted the panel with Alfonso Cuaron, Edgar Wright, and Marc Webb and the three directors had a wide ranging conversation talking about their current projects, future cinema, and a myriad of other topics. Here are a few highlights from the panel:

-Alfonso Cuaron spoke at length about the technology involved in making Gravity. In order to get the POV of Sandra’s character, they built a 9×9 box that was filled with LED lights and hooked Sandra up to it, rotating the box around her.

-All of the filmmakers spoke at length about shooting longer takes, with Cuaron breaking down the tight schedule and hardships it took to film that car scene in Children of Men. Edgar Wright also noted that there are several fights that were choreographed to work in one take.

-There was some subtle shade thrown about at the panel regarding “sequels and franchises” and it was hilarious having Marc Webb sitting there on the panel.

-Webb spoke at length about how he loves to do improvised takes and that there was a scene with Dane Dehaan and Andrew Garfield that he was afraid would be ruined but that it enabled the actors to find their characters.

-One of the questions asked to the panel was about their influences and each man told a really poignant story.

-Each of the directors spoke about the future of cinema with Webb and Cuaron noting that though the multiplex was packed with bigger films, that with on demand that filmmakers have more areas for distribution. Wright also mentioned that with the new technology there’s no excuse for people to not make a film.

– 3D = “blockbuster tax” according to Edgar Wright

-The last question to the panel was about future projects. Edgar Wright is going to be focusing on Ant-Man next. Webb mentioned that he’s fully invested in Spider-Man 2, but that he’d be interested in doing a musical or a physical comedy. Alfonso Cuaron noted that he is not finished with Gravity, but that he’d like to do a horror film next.

What do you think?

Written by Terence Johnson

When he's not enduring Shade Samurai training from Victoria Grayson, you can find Terence spends his time being an avid watcher of television, Criterion film collector, Twitter addict, and awards season obsessive. Opinionated but open minded, ratchet but with class, Terence holds down the fort as the producer of the Power Hour podcast. You can follow him on Twitter at @LeNoirAuteur.

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