Comic-Con Interview: Composers of Film and Tv


Realizing that music is such an integral part of the movie or tv watching experience, Comic-Con brought together some of the people whose jobs it is to create the music that serve as backbones for popular television shows and movies. On hand to talk to press members were: Nathan and Rian Johnson (Looper), Chris Lennertz and Todd Aronauer (Supernatural), Charlie Bean and Joseph Trapanese (Tron: Uprising), Blake Neely (Arrow). Each of the composers was great to talk to in their own right but it was fascinating to hear Nathan Johnson talk about what he did for Looper. I’ve included the sneak peak he recently debuted on AICN; he has plans for 2 more videos so be on the look out for that. Check out audio of the interviews after the jump but be warned the audio can be a smudge rough at times as these were round table discussions.

Chris Lennertz and Todd Aronauer, Supernatural

Charlie Bean and Joseph Trapanese, Tron: Upsrising

Blake Neely, Arrow

Nathan and Rian Johnson, Looper

Nathan Johnson previews Looper score