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Comic Con: Marvel Previews Ant-Man and Avengers: Age of Ultron

Denied from Hall H by virtue of schedule and ballroom capacity BUT I’m here to give you the highlights of the panel by virtue of Twitter and Marvel’s live panel.

-The panel opened with Marvel giving a retrospective of the previous Marvel films set to the score from Rudy but it ended with a look at Thanos, who made a brief appearance in the after credits sequence of The Avengers.

-Kevin Feige opened with some nice sentiments about how Comic Con meant so much to the Marvel folks because it all started in that room. He also mentioned that the panel will focus on 2015.

-Ant Man kicked off the panel with a few “surprises.” Corey Stoll has officially been confirmed as Darren Cross, the villain, also called Yellow Jacket. Evangeline Lilly is playing Hope Pym, Hank Pym’s daughter. Stoll’s character was Hank’s menthe but has taken the company in an evil direction so he recruits Rudd to be the new Ant-Man. Lilly apparently hasn’t read the script yet.

-Ant-Man is set to start production on August 18 in Atlanta.

On the footage

The Avengers 2

Photo via Mike Ryan
Photo via Mike Ryan

-The cast entered to the tune of Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough”. Of note, newcomers Elizabeth Olsen, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Paul Bettany (Vision) and James Spader joined in on the fun.

-The cast basically played the charm game to the audience. RDJ said that he becomes less significant with each new addition to the cast. Jeremy Renner, whose part in this new film is set to be expanded, said that Robert convinced him to do The Avengers by washing his car in a thong. Chris Hemsworth even joked about the recent controversy about Thor being a woman that it’s something he’d like to see happen in the movies and that it might the role to get him an Oscar. HA! Newcomer Paul Bettany jumped into the fray saying that it’s been the most exciting thing that’s happened to his children.

-They screened footage from the film which seemed pretty epic. There was a party sequence which sees all the Avengers and Rhodes (!) try and lift Thor’s hammer. Of the group, Captain America manages to move the hammer a little (be still our Thundershield hearts!). There was then a montage of various footage: Black Widow fighting with a new suit, Iron Man in his Hulkbuster armor going at it with Hulk, our first look at Ultron who says the only way to peace is through the destruction of The Avengers and Andy Serkis playing a human. The footage ended with a scene of Iron Man in space with the rest of the Avengers seemingly dead around him.

-The panel ended with Josh Brolin coming out on stage with the Infinity Gauntlet and being announced as Thanos. I’m slightly bummed they didn’t share any Phase 3 titles, but this was a cool moment.


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