Coming Soon…ACCA and the Awards Circuit Staff Awards!


w0010243If you have been on Facebook or Twitter in the past two days, you may have noticed a few FYC ads popping up on the staff’s pages. That’s because for the first time ever, the Awards Circuit staff will be throwing their name into the ring of the critics groups that host their own awards! While you can see our intrepid editor’s choices coming together right now, you’ll soon be able to see what the staff collectively has to offer. The Awards Circuit Staff Awards nominations will be announced on Jan 20th and the winners will be announced on Jan 28.

In addition to the staff awards, the ACCA awards that gives you, the loyal readers, the chance to voice your own opinions about the film year, will open for voting on January 14th.

If you have anything you want the staff to consider before our voting closes (Jan 18) please share in the comments! until then take a look at some of the fun FYC ads designed solely by the staff (and their friends *cough Mark and Joey cough*) after the jump!

Disclaimer: This is simply for fun and not meant to act as official FYC ads for any studio. Although we do hope the Academy considers these films :)