Coming this October…31 Days of Horror!

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Darkness falls across the land, the midnight hour is close at hand, creatures crawl in search of blood, to terrorize y’alls neighborhood…and website! While the leaves changing colors certainly means that we are at the beginning of Oscar season, the month of October also signifies the month where we get to indulge in the macabre, creepy, and scary. We here at Awards Circuit love a good horror movie/tv show, so why not take the time to celebrate the genre? Each day on the site there will be content dedicated various horror topics from Circuit 3’s on monsters to a countdown of the top 100 Horror films of all time. Don’t worry we’ll still be bringing you all the breaking news, reviews, and commentary you’ve come to expect from the site especially as we wrap up the New York Film Festival and move on into the heart of Oscar season! To whet your appetite, check out a deleted scene from The Exorcist after the jump!


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Written by Terence Johnson

When he's not enduring Shade Samurai training from Victoria Grayson, you can find Terence spends his time being an avid watcher of television, Criterion film collector, Twitter addict, and awards season obsessive. Opinionated but open minded, ratchet but with class, Terence holds down the fort as the producer of the Power Hour podcast. You can follow him on Twitter at @LeNoirAuteur.


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Steve Glansberg

Hoorah! Good choice guys, looking forward to everyone’s individual lists of favorite horror movies. I already started my yearly October-unseen-horror-movie-binge last night with Pet Sematary.

Joey Magidson

We think you all will enjoy!



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