Community: What are your favorite Horror movie franchises?


With “The Conjuring 2” behind us and “The Purge: Election Year” releasing this week, this summer has already been host to a pair of horror franchises. While the summer is an unusual place to drop scary movies, each franchise has earned its box office cred. With franchise fever on the brain, we want to know some of your favorite horror franchises. Below I’ve listed my top 5.

1. “Alien”

While this series is the definition of a summer horror franchise, one could argue it’s become more action than horror. Still, Xenomorphs continue to hold a strong place in pop culture and the Prometheus sequel was reframed into an Alien movie because of this.

2. “A Nightmare on Elm Street”

Freddy Kreuger might not be the scariest of the franchise monsters, but he’s certainly the best trash talker. With the original, “New Nightmare” and “Dream Warriors” hopes for a solid reboot remain high.

3. “Living Dead” series

Whenever George Romero is interested in making a new entry, at least some people listen. The franchise is defined by it’s first three films, with “Night of the Living Dead” representing the definitive masterpiece of the zombie genre.

4. “Halloween”

Arguably John Carpenter’s greatest film, the franchise that followed has had its ups and downs. While I’m a defender of “Season of the Witch,” it’s hard to fault those who wanted more Michael Myers.

5. “Saw

Before “The Conjuring” director James Wan cut more than his teeth on the original “Saw” film. The franchise feels diminished after Lionsgate released 7 films in 7 years. However, they continued to rake in money and crowds so don’t be shocked if an 8th film gets green lit.

What are your favorite horror movie franchises?  Include it in the comments!