Community: What Is Your Favorite Oliver Stone Movie?

Oliver Stone has been a mainstay in Hollywood since the ’80s, and it is not hard to see why. Not only does Stone find relatable and intriguing subject matter, but he has long shown tremendous skill as a director. Not only does he have the ability to make his material soar as epic storytelling, but he gets stellar performances from actors. Charlie SheenMichael Douglas and Kevin Costner are just some of the actors that gave some of their best performances when working with Stone.

This week, the extremely gifted Joseph Gordon-Levitt has teamed up with Stone for “Snowden.” The film follows the story of Edward Snowden, a man who became a fugitive from the US government after leaking classified documents to the press. The subject matter fits with Stone’s career, and with so many talented actors in tow, could be a hit.

With this in mind, what is your favorite Stone film? Let us know in the comments below! Here are some of his best to keep in mind.


1. “Platoon”

Stone has only won Best Picture once, and his harrowing take on the Vietnam War did the trick. Featuring a deep and incredible cast, “Platoon” remains one of the great Vietnam films of the 1980s. The film’s all-star cast only gets better with age. The obvious standouts of the film are Tom Berenger and Willem Dafoe, who absolutely soar. Their battle of ideologies is lived through by an excellent Charlie Sheen, who gives the audience an “everyday man” character in which to experience the conflict. Forest WhitakerJohnny Depp and Keith David are just some other members of the cast who impress in the film. The most ensemble-driven film of Stone’s career is also his best by almost any metric.

2. “Wall Street”wall-street-douglas

Stone’s follow-up to “Platoon” was far ahead of its time. Not only does the film feature a showcase performance from the incredible Michael Douglas, but the film also gave Sheen a second hit as a dramatic performer. Douglas is the real star in the film, and Stone does everything he can to capitalize on him. “Wall Street” features the best performance in a Stone film, and for that, it’s a must-watch.


3. “JFK”

Perhaps the most conspiracy-driven film of Stone’s career, “JFK” is a towering achievement in Stone’s body of work.”JFK” was nominated for an impressive eight Oscars in 1992, and took home two for Best Cinematography and Best Editing. The two wins are among the most deserved in his films, despite Stone’s wins in director. The editing in particular is so crisp and efficient that “JFK” soars rather than falters. In the hands of a less capable editor than the team of Joe Hutshing and Pietro Scalia, the film could easily have floundered. “JFK” is Stone’s “Mad Max: Fury Road” in many ways, and is probably the most indicative film of his career.

What do you think? What is your favorite Oliver Stone movie? Let us hear in the comments below! 

“Snowden” heads to theaters on September 16th, 2016.

What do you think?

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