Community: What Are Your Favorite Post-Oscar Kate Winslet Performances?


Since the early 1990s, Kate Winslet has been an ever present force in film. One of the top young actresses from her generation, Winslet quickly burst on the scene in Peter Jackson‘s “Heavenly Creatures.” By 1995, she began appearing in period films like “Sense and Sensibility” and 1997’s “Titanic,” which made her a global star. The British actress took advantage of the diverse roles available to her, and racked up six Oscar nominations by 2009. She finally took home an Oscar for her performance in “The Reader” much to the chagrin of “Revolutionary Road” fans.

Still only 41 years old, Winslet has a long career ahead of her. With so many nominations already, she could challenge Meryl Streep‘s Oscar records. Right now, she’s only two nominations behind Streep’s pace at the same age (Streep had nine by the 1991 Oscars). This year, Winslet has two films releasing that give her outside shots at cracking the Oscars. If “Collateral Beauty” breaks through, she could find herself in a mediocre Supporting Actress field. Her lead role is more of a long shot, with “The Dressmaker” opening this weekend. With Winslet back to delivering multiple roles a year, what are your favorite Kate Winslet performances post-Oscar? Let us know in the comments below! Here are some of her more notable works since taking home the gold.


1. “Steve Jobs”

Easily the strongest of her performances since Oscar, Winslet delivered an excellent performance in “Steve Jobs” as Joanna Hoffman. Winslet does a strong job of giving her character an inner strength that many other actresses would likely have missed on. I’ve never particularly liked how Aaron Sorkin writes women in film, but Winslet delivers big time with the character. She’s a battered woman who has long had to endure Jobs’ neurosis, but doesn’t play Hoffman as a housewife. Instead, she’s her own woman who claps back against Jobs on numerous occasions. While the accent wasn’t always perfect, there’s a reason Winslet took home the Globe and BAFTA for her performance, despite narrowly missing Oscar No. 2.


2. “Labor Day”

While Jason Reitman‘s film was largely seen as a disappointment, Kate Winslet adds considerably to the things that do work in the film. Winslet is able to embody the depression her character feels, as well as the crippling effects it has on those around her. She also does an excellent job of performing the nuances of a woman suffering from extreme anxiety, while also making it more than a one dimensional performance. That is probably the most impressive aspect of Winslet’s work in this film. It’s not simply a straightforward woman suffering from depression, but instead someone whose repeated miscarriages and failed marriage finally took a toll on their psyche. With Winslet’s performance, it is easy to trace how each tragedy in Adele’s life contributed to her state of being, and it is only through a sliver of an opening that she is able to have a life once more.


3. “Contagion”

This is probably one of Winslet’s more underrated performances for the simple fact that she’s hardly on screen. The film picks up with Winslet traveling the country, trying to find a cure for a disease that is ravaging the population. The film is the definition of an ensemble piece, with the narrative touching in dozens of places at once. In Winslet’s case, she chews through her scenes like a woman on a mission, which unfortunately, is a relatively short mission. Once it becomes clear that Winslet has also been infected, her remaining time on screen is extremely effective. “Contagion” remains an underrated, briskly paced thriller about sickness, and Winslet is definitely a big reason it works.

What do you think? What is your favorite Kate Winslet performance post-Oscar? Let us know in the comments below!

The Dressmaker” opens in theaters this Friday, Sept. 23.