Community: Which Horror Franchises Would You Like to See Revived?


Three months ago, few people in the world even knew that a “Blair Witch” film was in production. Yet this week, “Blair Witch” opens as one of the most anticipated films of the horror season. Considering how strong 2016 has been for the genre, this is a fairly big deal. It’s far from unusual to see a horror franchise receive revivals, or at bare minimum, reboots. In fact, “Halloween,” “Friday the 13th” and “Nightmare on Elm Street” have already received this treatment in the last decade. With reboots and revivals commonplace for many franchises, which horror franchises would you like to see revived? Here’s a few that have potential, but let us know about your favorites in the comments below!

An American Werewolf in London

1. “An American Werewolf in London”

There’s a fair argument to be had that “American Werewolf” is one of the great franchises that is relatively untapped. Rather than go full-on remake, any film in this franchise should pick years after the first one. John Landis’ film was also a master class in practical effects and makeup, which is a must in any remake or sequel of the franchise. Simply crafting CGI werewolves would declaw the franchise considerably, as it did with “An American Werewolf in Paris.” The film can be extremely well done if the right people put in the time to develop the film. With a strong mix of horror and comedy, the original “American Werewolf” tapped into something that is undeniably ’80s, but simultaneously timeless. It’s a great film, and worthy of continuation in some way.


2. “Halloween”

Rob Zombie‘s “Halloween” movies still hold a strong place for some audiences. They may not be Zombie’s best films, but they are still very good remakes of a popular franchise. However, Zombie’s out, and there are talks about rebooting the series again. The idea makes sense, not only because the franchise can be mined for its great characters, but because it is so influential in film history. John Carpenter coming back to potentially help guide the franchise is a good thing, and a throwback slasher with a slow-moving, zombie-like villain, would kill today.

silent-night-deadly-night3. “Silent Night, Deadly Night”

This is definitely a franchise surrounded in controversy, yet the series remains a cult favorite. The idea of a horror film where Santa Claus kills people was very unusual at the time, even by 1984 standards. The original is not particularly good, and the franchise that followed was not very well received. However, give this franchise to someone who has comedic talents, say a Drew Goddard type, and the franchise could become a meta-humor hit. Last year’s “Krampus” proved you can make a fun holiday comedy masked in horror. It’d be a fun idea and could use the original film as inspiration (rather than doing a straight remake).

What do you think? Which horror franchises would you like to see revived? Let us know in the comments below! 

“Blair Witch” is now playing in theaters.