Community Reactions: What are you seeing this 4th of July holiday weekend?

Happy 4th of July, everybody! Whether you’re prepping for tonight’s fireworks or in the midst of today’s drinking (but hopefully not both simultaneously), this is only the beginning of a long weekend. And as with all long weekends, you will want to escape the heat, the rain and/or the exhaustive boredom of the “holiday.” Some will lounge on their couch the whole weekend binge-watching everything from Mad Men to OITNB, others will head to their local theaters, possibly with a few family members (and sneaky candy) in tow. Last night, my own parents made their daughter proud by going to see “Belle” rather than “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” though admittedly they aren’t part of the Bay target demographic. That said, they’re also thinking of going to at least one if not two more films before the weekend is out. Which ones would you recommend? Which new releases are you planning to see? Melissa McCarthy feminist road trip laugh-vehicle “Tammy“? Bronx-ed Eric Bana facing unholy demons in “Deliver Us From Evil“? Or “Earth to Echo,” which has already been loftily dubbed as “E.T.” meets “Stand By Me“?

As with every Friday, we took to the twitterverse and scrolled for the best reactions to this weekend’s offerings. Last weekend, Transformers (aka #Trans4mers) took the box office by storm (a wee bit over $100 million domestic) and same with twitter, from those who raged against the machines to those who embraced the hot cars of Hollywood’s soul-crushing overlords. This weekend, people took to twitter to say mixed things about “Tammy” (which Joey Magidson gave a paltry 1 1/2 stars in his review), to push people to go see “Snowpiercer” (which Joseph Braverman gave a very solid 3 1/2 stars in his L.A.F.F. review) and the Roger Ebert doc “Life Itself” (which Clayton Davis gave an applauding, well-deserved 4 stars in his review), and to brag about their pie and macaroon swag from the “Tammy” press team. Scroll further to see the “curated” list of tweets and related reading, and scroll even further to leave your own thoughts on this weekend’s cinematic prospects…

“Tammy” – Yay Melissa McCarthy!

“Tammy” – Negative Thoughts That Turned Surprisingly Political 

Succinct 140-Character-Ish Analysis Of “Tammy” From Critics

Rex Reed Is Still A Jerk



“Deliver Us From Evil” – More Cop Drama, Less Horror

“Life Itself” – Like Life Itself, It’s Beautiful And Rated R

You Should All Go See “Snowpiercer.” Seriously.

Additional Related Reading…

Grantland’s Wesley Morris asks why is Melissa McCarthy is doing this (“Tammy”) to herself.

The Atlantic’s John McDuling looks at the decline of Hollywood comedy, financially speaking. 

Vulture’s Kyle Buchanan compiled a list of actresses too young to play mothers and calculated the male equivalent for each with comparable casting, putting the age-old double standard on its head for a spin.

And An Antidote To Any Of The Vitriol Above, And Then Some…

Buzzfeed’s Alison Willmore made a heart-warming, life-affirming, possibly tear-jerking list of “7 Ways The Roger Ebert Documentary Will Make You Want To Be A Better Person.”

What do you think?

Written by Diana Drumm


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