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Coppola vs. Spielberg! Circuit Madness 2019 Directors Finals Opens For Voting!

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It’s time to finally unveil our final competitors for Circuit Madness 2019. The road has been long and hard for the competitors. Many great directors have been eliminated from the battle, including David LeanWilliam WylerKathryn BigelowAlfonso Cuarón, and Ang Lee. Yet four incredible directors remain.

Circuit Madness 2019 Final Four Results

Alright, let’s look at the matchups that will determine our finalists.

Aragorn The Lord of the Rings Return of the King

First up was a battle between Peter Jackson and Francis Ford Coppola. Jackson, the most recent winner in the competition, remains an extremely popular director despite some flops. More importantly, “The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King” became the lone genre film left in the tournament. Mixing that genre with traditionally epic storytelling techniques made “Return of the King” an instant classic on its release. It also went a perfect eleven for eleven on Oscar night.

The Godfather Part 2

However, Francis Ford Coppola directed arguably the best sequel of all time. “The Godfather Part II” currently owns 3rd place all-time on IMDB’s Top 250 films. It’s also earned a Top 40 finish in AFI’s Best Movies list (both times). “The Godfather Part II” took over the 1974 Oscars, earning six wins. Robert De Niro was the only actor to win for his performance, but the film received an incredible six acting nominations.

In a matchup that was decided by a single vote, Francis Ford Coppola took Peter Jackson to the mattresses, 50.5% to 49.5%.

Schindlers List Spielberg

Our second matchup pit two black and white films against each other. Steven Spielberg created an emotional masterpiece with “Schindler’s List,” which also featured top tier performances throughout. Liam Neeson has never been better, and Ralph Fiennes might have given the best performance in supporting actor to lose an Oscar. Released the same year as “Jurassic Park,” Steven Spielberg completed the best single year for a director with the Holocaust epic.

Casablanca 3

He faces off against the oldest film left in our competition, “Casablanca” from Michael Curtiz. Curtiz perfectly balanced the story of two star-crossed lovers meeting abroad. Working from arguably the greatest screenplay was ever written, Curtiz adds a directorial flair that also makes it one of the prettiest movies to look at from the era. “Casablanca” still amazes almost eighty years later, and will always be a classic.

Prevailing in the matchup between World War II films, Steven Spielberg advances over Michael Curtiz with a 60% to 40% victory.

Circuit Madness 2019 Finals Opens For Voting!

We’ve finally found our way to the final matchup. It’s time for longtime friends and collaborators Francis Ford Coppola and Steven Spielberg to go to battle. Each of the directors created landmark films for America cinema. They’ve each received acclaim as kings in Hollywood over the years. Who will emerge victoriously? Vote now for your favorite winner of the Best Director Oscar now!

Circuit Madness 2019 Directors – Final! Francis Ford Coppola vs. Steven Spielberg

Who do you think will emerge the champion? Let us know who you’re supporting in the finals in the comments below! 

Voting ends on April 14, 2019. The winner will be announced on April 15, 2019. 


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Written by Alan French

Alan French is a movie buff, a TV lover, and a sports fanatic. His favorite TV shows are 'Parks and Recreation,' 'Rick and Morty' and 'Game of Thrones.' He's also a Spielberg fanatic. You can find him on Twitter and Medium @TheAlanFrench.


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When I try to vote I get “This page cannot be accessed because this poll is private”.

Joey Magidson

Make your choice!

Joey Magidson

Make your choice!

Matt Soffer

Pretty open and shut to me. Coppola hasn’t made a great movie since Apocalypse Now.


Is there a champion yet?


So who won? I keep checking and not finding a post announcing the outcome.


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