Could Oscar Isaac Play Solid Snake in a ‘Metal Gear Solid’ Adaptation?


It’s kind of ridiculous that Hollywood still has not been able to produce a quality cinematic adaption of a video game. The fact that they’re often incredibly bad is just salt added to the wound. Among upcoming attempts that have a chance to succeed, “Metal Gear Solid” seems like one to hang some hopes on. As director Jordan Vogt-Roberts slowly brings this one together, he’s bandied about Oscar Isaac for the title role. In addition, the feeling seems to be mutual from the actor.

Variety is connecting the dots that Isaac could wind up being the actor to portray Solid Snake when “Metal Gear Solid” starts shooting. Vogt-Roberts has basically said that if Isaac wants the job, it could be his. Jay Basu and Derek Connolly have written the adaptation, so if Isaac were to come aboard, that would make this a very compelling project.

This is what the filmmaker, as well as Isaac, recently said about the potential pairing:

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts says “the ball’s in Oscar’s court” in regards to Oscar Isaac portraying Solid Snake in the upcoming “Metal Gear Solid” film, according to a tweetSunday.

Isaac, best known for portraying Poe Dameron in “Star Wars,” expressed his interest in playing Solid Snake in the upcoming “Metal Gear Solid” movie during an interview with IGN for Netflix’s Triple Frontier.

“Metal Gear Solid, that’s the one,” Isaac said. “I’m throwing my hat in for that one.”

“Metal Gear Solid” has always been a game franchise that aims to be cinematic. If everyone involved can figure out how to translate that to a compelling movie, something special could result. Especially if they land Isaac, it’s a film that attention will have to be paid to.

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