Saturday, March 28, 2020

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I’m one of those people that remember the Oscar Igloo days. I was a huge fan then, and I’m a huge fan now. So glad for the site and your team’s continued success.

Josh Parham


Its really hard to stress just how much my love of the Oscar season and film itself can be tied back to this site. I basically came here when I was a level 0 cinephile and literally all of my growth from that point came during a time where Awards Circuit was my 'Number 1 Source For All My Film Entertainment News'.



I love your "Year in Advance" predictions and how you show support for overdue actors.

José Carlos Moreno


You are my guide to what films are coming out, and what to watch out for in the Oscar race. Always a fan of your reviews too.



Just the constant and great coverage. One of my absolute favorite predicting sites!

Todd Thatcher