Dan Scanlon on ‘Monsters University’ – Out on Blu-Ray and DVD Today!


DanScanlon_MonstersUniversityAs the awards season is beginning to heat up, Monsters University continues to be on the top of many pundits across the web.  With the film finally hitting Blu-Ray and DVD shelves today,

Monsters University has become a mega hit, becoming the third highest grossing film in Pixar history.  While the Academy is not immune to Pixar’s charms having won the Best Animated Feature Oscar seven times most recently for Brave.  Of all the films released this year so far, University is currently rated the highest.

Dan Scanlon, director and co-writer has a special attachment to its predecessor.  “I started at Pixar the month that Monsters Inc. came out.” he said,  “So as a result…that movie has always meant a lot to me.”

Involved in the creative process early on, Scanlon and the creative team had to decide if there was a story even worth telling.  “We got together and we thought, if we can’t think of anything, we won’t do anything.  But it was in that meeting with Pete Docter and John Lassetter,and a lot of the original people involved, that the idea of telling a story about how Mike and Sully met came out.”

MonstersUniversity3DBlurayComboArtTouching on many themes in its 104 minute run time, Scanlon fell in love with the heart of the story.  “The real thing that got me excited was in that meeting, we talked about the idea of telling a story about a character who doesn’t get everything that they want in the end and making a movie that was for those of us who hit a rough patch and don’t get exactly get the dream that we wanted to inspire them to be open to other things.  We felt that was something that we’ve rarely seen in any other movie, let alone a family movie.”

And that’s what makes the film an ultimate success.  The road to success for Mike and Sully was not paved with gold stars and a promising beginning.  College dropouts, struggling to survive, and still chasing the dream will breathe life into any adult fighting to do the same.

The animated film is out on Blu-Ray and DVD today along with Pixar’s animated short “The Blue Umbrella” which is a stunning achievement in animation.

Down below, see some bonus clips from the DVD.

Bonus Clip: Recon
Description: Director Dan Scanlon discusses the deleted scene that was supposed to open the movie.

Recon – Monsters University Deleted Scene on Disney Video

Bonus Clip: Gag Sessions
Description: A creative session at Pixar to come up with gag ideas for the film.

Gag Session – Monsters University BTS on Disney Video

Bonus Clip: Designing the Campus
Description: Take a closer look at the MU campus and the details that make it monstrously awesome!

Designing the Campus – Monsters University Featurette on Disney Video

Bonus Clip: Rivalry
Description: Director Dan Scanlon discusses the deleted scene where Mike and Sulley meet in the fourth school.

Rivalry – Monsters University BTS on Disney Video

Bonus Clip: Hardscrabble
Description: Exploring the difficulty and inspiration behind designing Dean Hardscrabble from Monthropology.

Bonus Clip: Drama Class
Description: Deleted scene of Mike and Sully performing together during drama class.

Bonus Clip from The Blue Umbrella

Blue Umbrella Opening Clip – Monsters University Short on Disney Video

DVD Specs:

  • Video
  • Codec: MPEG-4 AVC
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Aspect ratio: 1.78:1
  • Original aspect ratio: 1.85:1


  • English: Dolby TrueHD 7.1 (48kHz, 24-bit)
  • French: Dolby Digital Plus 7.1
  • Spanish: Dolby Digital 5.1


  • English, English SDH, French, Spanish


  • Three-disc set (2 BDs, 1 DVD)
  • Digital copy (as download)
  • DVD copy
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