Danny Boyle to Produce Musical Biopic ‘Creation Stories’


Danny Boyle is joining the musical biopic “Creation Stories,” a production sold by Metro International.

As reported on Variety, Boyle will be serving as executive producer on the film. The biopic follows the stories and triumphs of Alan McGee, the head of Creation Records label. Founded in 1983, McGee’s label signed on well-known acts such as Oasis, Primal Scream and My Bloody Valentine.

From the Variety article,

McGee was a charismatic and hard-partying figure on the music scene of the era, with a brash attitude reminiscent of Sex Pistols svengali Malcolm McLaren. However, his business acumen did not match his musical or PR savvy — McGee was even enlisted by Britain’s Labour Party in 1997 to spearhead a youth-oriented media campaign — and the label began to lose steam in toward the end of the decade and was shut down in 1999. McGee has revived it and launched other labels in the years since, although not with a similar level of success.

“It’s a story of relentless ambition, mental torment, drugs, bankruptcy, unfathomable wealth, courting politicians and of how one written-off young Glaswegian upstart rose to irrevocably change the face of British culture,” according to the film’s production company, Burning Wheel Productions.

“Creation Stories” is written by Irvine Welsh and frequent partner Dean Cavanagh (“Kubricks”). Welsh’s past writing credits include the Danny Boyle-directed “Trainspotting.” Boyle’s past directing credits include “28 Days Later,” “Steve Jobs,” “Sunshine” and “127 Hours.” His new project, the musical drama “Yesterday” starring Himesh Patel, will be closing the Tribeca Film Festival this year. Another music oriented film, “Yesterday” follows a musician who is seemingly the only one who remembers the music of The Beatles after an accident.

The cast of “Creation Stories” includes Rupert Everett, Suki Waterhouse and Jason Fleming. Burning Wheel Productions and Premiere Picture is producing the film, which is still in pre-production.

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