David Lowery and Cary Fukunaga Will Team Up to Write ‘Explorers’ TV Series For Paramount

Ethan Hawke River Phoenix

Hollywood and entertainment at large continue to mine old or forgotten properties for content. Shows based on She’s Gotta Have It” and “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” continue to populate Netflix. Even when a direct property cannot be used, heavy doses of homage are utilized to make the concept relevant. “Stranger Things” has capitalized on this phenomenon. Now, two strong auteurs are combining forces to potentially bring one of those beloved properties to life. If they have their way, David Lowery and Cary Joji Fukunaga will write and direct at least one episode of a show based on the 1985 film “Explorers” for Paramount.

cary fukunaga image 2According to Deadline, the television project is already in production, with Lowery and Fukunaga writing. They will not only write several of the first scripts, but also the show bible for the series. This comes despite both directors having very busy schedules. Fukunaga continues to work on the next Bond film for MGM. Meanwhile, Lowery just signed on to a project with A24. Additionally, at least one of them appears likely to direct the pilot of the show should they receive a pick up from Paramount Network.

petes dragon david lowery robert redford 1200x520In Joe Dante‘s film, two boys obsessed with 1950’s Sci-Fi films begin building a spaceship. With a third friend brought on board to complete the spaceship, they create a working ship that allows them to make contact. That is when the film gets a little weird, but the adventure, science, and thrills are very real to that point. The three boys were played by Ethan HawkeRiver Phoenix, and Jason Presson, and all gave really fun performances. This feels like a great pickup for Paramount, and with Lowery and Fukunaga on board, this could be very interesting.

What do you think about an “Explorers” tv series for Paramount? Can Fukunaga and Lowery maintain their vision while working with each other? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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