Did Harvey Weinstein Switch ‘Fruitvale Station’ to Adapted and Michael B. Jordan Supporting for the Oscars?


Fruitvale_screenshotThe Weinstein Company has revamped their awards site earlier this week, giving it a fresh look and respective categories listed for all nine films.  All of their contenders are listed that include August: Osage County from John Wells, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom by Justin Chadwick, and more.

One of the leading contenders for Original Screenplay is Ryan Coogler’s heart-tugging Fruitvale Station with Michael B. Jordan and Octavia Spencer.  Under the categories section, they have the film listed for Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay).  The question is, did Harvey and his creative team make a mistake or did they make a category switch under the radar?  A few weeks ago, Scott Feinberg of The Hollywood Reporter reported that a mailer that went out listed Octavia Spencer in Lead Actress instead of Supporting Actress where she is being campaigned.  The Weinstein Company corrected their mistake and sent out corrected mailers for voting members.

In the screener packed that I received, and that was sent out to all BFCA members, Coogler is listed in Original Screenplay for our consideration.

If the listing is in fact true, did Ryan Coogler just land himself a nomination in Adapted Screenplay to face off against Jeff Pope and Steve Coogan‘s Philomena script, another Weinstein film?  Could Coogler upset presumed frontrunner John Ridley for 12 Years a Slave?

My initial guess is that it’s a typo and will likely be corrected in the coming days (or even hours following this story).  Fruitvale Station is currently predicted in the top-tier contenders of Best Picture, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Original Screenplay on the official Oscar Prediction pages.  Several pundits, including some of our own staff, have Octavia Spencer and Ryan Coogler predicted to be nominated for Academy Awards this January.

Fruitvale Station will hit DVD and Blu-Ray shelves on January 14 and is currently nominated for two Gotham Awards for Breakthrough Director (Coogler) and Breakthrough Actor (Jordan).  It also won the Audience Award earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival.

UPDATE 7:57pm ET: Michael B. Jordan is also listed in Supporting Actor.  Got to be a mistake…right?