There are not many instances where horror sequels can live up to the hype of the original film. It’s a tough road for “Doctor Sleep,” which is attempting to follow up one of the greatest horror films ever made, “The Shining” from Stanley Kubrick. While “Doctor Sleep” is a sequel to the novel by Stephen King, it drastically differs from Kubrick’s narrative. Case-in-point, a new casting announcement added actors who play characters that died in Kubrick’s classic. Three actors have joined the cast of “Doctor Sleep,” including Zahn McClarnon, Carl Lumbly, and Alex Essoe.

According to Variety and Deadline, Lumbly and Essoe have been added in roles from the original book and movie. Lumbly will play Dick Halloran, the role that Scatman Crothers played in the original film. In “The Shining” novel, Dick is not killed by Jack Torrence, and Halloran serves as a mentor to Danny in the years that follow. Essoe will play Wendy Torrence, the mother of Danny.

Meanwhile, McClarnon will play a new character from the novel. In “Doctor Sleep” Danny Torrence (Ewan McGreggor) will be hunted down by a cult that feeds off the “steam” of those who have “Shining” capabilities. Their leader, Rose the Hat (Rebecca Ferguson), can only get the steam when someone with the Shining is dying. McClarnon’s will play Crow Daddy, a character that is Rose’s lover and right-hand man. After strong turns in “Fargo” and “Westworld” its good to see McClarnon get another potentially strong role. McClarnon is building himself quite the profile, and “Doctor Sleep” just got even more interesting with his addition. Directed by Mike Flanagan, “Doctor Sleep” is bringing together a strong cast. Here’s to hoping it lives up to the incredible expectations.

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“Doctor Sleep” releases Jan. 24, 2020. Warner Bros. will distribute.