You know the Downton Abbey writers are having trouble giving Violet and Isobel decent storylines, when the only thing Violet and Isobel do the entire episode is fight over a gardener who may or may not be a thief. Spoiler alert: He’s not. There were some actual moments of growth though….

Alfred — It looks like Alfred has gotten the chef position after all. He leaves right away, putting an end to Downton’s very boring love square (Alfred, Daisy, Ivy, and Jimmy). Before he leaves, he makes sure to thank Lord Grantham, the family, and Carson for their kindness. He’s a sweet guy, sad to see him depart. Not as sad as Daisy is though, poor thing started crying as soon as Alfred got the news. However, she wishes him luck like a true lady.

Mary — Besides taking charge of the estate, Mary can also be seen being flocked with suitors. The latest man on her radar is Mr. Blake, a man who has a very different view of the estate than Mary does. This causes tension and sarcastic remarks from the recent widow, but I sense that all of this will lead to something happening between them. Romance? We shall see…

Anna and Bates — Anna’s attack is still the main thing on Bates’s mind, no matter how much Anna wants them to move past it. They go out to dinner to try to take their minds off of things, but it doesn’t really seem to help. I know Anna is generally “weak” by nature, but I hope that Bates doesn’t see her as a “victim” forever.

Rose — The rebel of the show has a surprise for Robert’s birthday. She has a jazz band come to Downton to perform for her cousin. The band I’m talking about is the one that has Jack Ross as its bandleader. The African-American Jack Ross who saved Rose at a London club. For the most part, no one seems to mind that he’s there singing, thankfully. Rose is color blind, so much so that Mary catches her and Jack kissing downstairs. She lets it slide, for now…

Edith — This woman really annoys me. First of all, she always seems to choose the wrong man to be involved with. She still hasn’t heard from Michael Gregson and she found out that she is with child. Who knows what she’ll do now. Secondly, she is the only one in the family who had an issue with Jack Ross singing at Downton. For someone who is carrying an “illegitimate” child, she has no right to judge anyone. So, SHUT THE F UP EDITH!!! Thank you.