Drake Doremus Plans Another Romantic Drama With ‘Aurora’

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A few weeks ago, in our Tribeca Film Festival review of Drake Doremus‘ new movie “Zoe,” we had this to say:

Throughout his career, filmmaker Drake Doremus has been examining the human experience. In particular, he seems fascinated by emotion, with love at the top.

That positive take highlighted something that is a constant in Doremus’ work ever since he broke through with “Like Crazy.” Love stories, in whatever form they opt to take, are his bread and butter. Well, surprising no one, the next project from Doremus is another romantic drama. Go figure, the talented director will again be exploring love and its related complications.

OB QI091 likecr E 20111027210340According to Deadline, Doremus has signed on to make “Aurora,” which has a lot in common with his recent works. “Breathe In” and “Like Crazy” were deeply realistic takes on love, while “Equals” and “Zoe” brought science fiction into the mix. Here, “Aurora” reportedly has supernatural elements at play too. Set in Iceland, the title presumably refers to the Aurora Borealis, which could lead to some stunning shots. Doremus has the movie in development now, so it could be a bit before it gets to shooting, but the premise is solid, as you’ll see below. Furthermore, it sounds like it has an older lead, so we could see the filmmaker working with a different set of cast members than usual.

Here is a bit from the article:

The project, currently in development, is described to me as a “sweeping romantic drama with a supernatural elements.” It follows a widower who, 25 years after his wife’s death, continues to live alone in Iceland. When a young man comes into his life with a mysterious connection to his past the two develop an uneasy relationship, causing them to question their identities and their past lives.

Doremus has been working on a smaller scale throughout his career, so if “sweeping” is truly an apt description for this film, that’s exciting. He deserves a bigger canvas to paint on. More on “Aurora” as it becomes known to us…


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Written by Joey Magidson

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