Drew Goddard Writing and Directing the Spider-Man Franchise?

spider-man-reboot-drew-goddard-director-1200x520Aside from who the partnership of Marvel and Sony decide on to play Peter Parker/Spider-Man (or Miles Morales/Spider-Man), the biggest question mark for many was who would get the directing gig. Tons of names have been floated to write or direct, but reports have Drew Goddard as the choice to do both. Personally, I think this is a brilliant choice, as Goddard established his talents for me with The Cabin in the Words, a phenomenal film which he wrote and directed.

On the one hand, he’s very friendly with The Avengers shepherd Joss Whedon, which has to please Kevin Feige and Marvel, while he was originally set to helm the Sinister Six spinoff from the now defunct The Amazing Spider-Man franchise, something that has to please Sony and Amy Pascal (formerly of Sony and now a producer on the new franchise). If this sort of agreement is what we have to look forward to, that’s a very good sign. Apparently, Spider-Man will be in high school and already established as a hero, basically auditioning for The Avengers. If that’s the case, I’m pretty psyched for this, especially if they do in fact call it Spectacular Spider-Man. Stay tuned for more on this Spider-Man reboot, especially once someone lands the lead role. They’re apparently hoping to go young and unknown, so make of that what you will. Sit tight, as this movie is coming in 2017, so we’ll have more soon enough…


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