re1Part 1 of a 4 part conversation regarding the Emmy nominations, which will be announced on July 18th.

Terence::Welcome readers! Emmy Chatter is back for another round of predictions, snark, and discussion. Joseph how’s it going?  

Joseph: Going well. I’m ready to get this snarkfest on the road!  

Terence: Alright with Emmy noms just around the corner we’re gonna attempt to see into the minds of the voters. First up is Comedy, specifically Supporting Actress which yikes is not looking spectacular

Joseph: Because I find her so irritating and overrated, and quite frankly, not funny, I’ve decided to remove Julie Bown from my predictions. Plus she’s won twice in a row. Give someone else a shot, ya know?

Terence:  ‪Dang we’re only a few lines into this chat Joseph! You gotta let us warm up lol I was honestly not happy with Bowen’s win last year but looking at this field, I don’t see who will stop her much less get the nom, even with the lackluster season they had.

Joseph:  ‪Well just think back to when Desperate Housewives’ popularity decided to decline and all the women were snubbed after two seasons. I’m still holding out hope for Vergara and Hyland. I have them predicted for now.

Terence:  ‪The Hyland thing is interesting to me. Her nom by the BTJA was surprising because I hardly knew she was on the show much less that she’d be nomination worthy.

Joseph:  ‪She’s very explosive in her scenes. That makes her stand out. Plus, the Emmy committee. like The Academy, like their girls young and hot. Sad but true observation.

Terence:  ‪hmm…speaking of “young and hot” do we think any of the women from Girls have a shot at a nomination? I know a lot of people think Allison Williams could pop into the lineup, but I was far more impressed with Zosia Mamet’s work.

Joseph:  ‪Funny you say that, because Mamet is my wild card nominee. She’s got such a specific style and personality that it’s hard to ignore and not be consistently amazed by.

Terence:  ‪Yeah she was by far the best thing about this lackluster season of Girls, and this field is so diluted I think she could make a 5 (or 6 or 7). Do we give any hope to people like Casey Wilson for Happy Endings or Anna Chumsky from Veep? Or will Betty White steal their nominations again?

Joseph:  ‪That last name, thou shall not mention! I have Anna Chlumsky in my Top 6. Many have said she’s the next best thing of that show after Louis-Dreyfus.

Terence:  ‪Veep has had such a strong second season and she’s a big reason why. You know, we’ve gone this far and haven’t even mentioned the women of ratings juggernaut The Big Bang Theory, could either Kaley or Mayim win?

Joseph:  ‪I have Kaley winning Supporting Actress

Terence:  ‪Wow.

Joseph: She has an infectious energy, has hosted an awards show, and is always on her game on TBBT from what little I’ve seen of the show

Terence:  ‪Well you might as well give people your 6 nominees so we can move away from this wasteland.

Joseph:  ‪Well, I’ve mentioned five but here they are in order: 1. Kaley Cuoco, 2. Sofia Vergara, 3. Sarah Hyland, 4. Anna Chlumsky, 5. Cheryl Hines (Suburgatory — veteran nominee at the Emmys), and 6. Zosia Mamet.

Terence:  ‪I’m gonna go with Julie Bowen, Sofia Vergara, Kaley Cuoco, Anna Chlumsky, Betty White, and Zosia Mamet with Vergara taking it this time.

Terence: Now moving on to happier places, Supporting Actor in so stuffed with competition. But I have one major question, why does everyone on [redacted] think Will Arnett will not only be nominated but win?

Joseph:  ‪Maybe they cherish the character more than objectively look at the newest season, which wasn’t met with as much acclaim as the rest, and even detested by many in some cases. That being said, I think Will Arnett is a genius but I don’t have him nominated.

Terence:  ‪I’m sure we’ll get into this with House of Cards in drama series but regardless if they’re known properties or not, it’ll be hard for Netflix to get nommed so the Arnett thing is perplexing. But lets face it, 5 of the spots are locked up for Stonstreet, Ferguson, O’Neill, Burell and Greenfield, so the more interesting story will be who manages to land the 6th slot

Joseph:  ‪I disagree. Since I think most voters see Modern Family declining, I only have past winners Burell and Stonestreet in the mix

Terence:  ‪This gets to my bigger issue in that I just don’t think the comedies on TV are powerful enough to register, and with that people will go to default choices. It’s easier to pencil MF actors in when nothing else is jumping out at you. That being said I think the 6th slot will be a real fight between NPH, Bill Hader and Adam Driver from Girls.

Joseph:  ‪I have Adam Driver in there. These actors who make the transition to film are always smiled upon. Think Kattherine Heigrl and Melissa McCarthy.

Terence:  ‪Driver manages to make that character so vivid and despite where the story takes him, ppl still like that character so he’s in…I could also see Hader nudging out someone which is why my 6 is: Ty Burell, Eric Stonestreet, Ed O’Neill, Max Greenfield, Adam Driver, and Bill Hader with Max Greenfield taking the Emmy.

Joseph:  ‪I have Max Greenfield taking the Emmy too. ‪My six are 1. Max Greenfield, 2. Eric Stonestreet, 3. Ty Burell, 4. Adam Driver, 5. Chris Pratt, Parks and Recreation, and 6. Daniel Pudi for Community as my wild card. The Emmy committee hates Community, but I always think somebody is breaking through each year so I’ve decided to go with the performance everyone loves and has been rewarded already leading up to the Emmy noms.

Terence:  ‪Whoa! A Community mention…it’ll never happen but that’s a bold prediction LOL

Joseph:  ‪I always have to hold out hope for them…


  1. Here are my picks for who should get nominated (I imagine a couple of them will also get in)

    Supporting Actress – Comedy:

    Mayim Bialik – The Big Bang Theory
    Julie Bowen – Modern Family
    Anna Chlumsky – Veep
    Jenna Fischer – The Office
    Eden Sher – The Middle*
    Kaley Cuoco – The Big Bang Theory

    Eden Sher should really win. The fact that she has gotten no love for The Middle is atrocious.

    Best Supporting Actor – Comedy:

    Ty Burrell – Modern Family
    Adam Driver – Girls
    Nolan Gould – Modern Family
    Max Greenfield – New Girl*
    Simon Helberg – The Big Bang Theory
    Nick Offerman – Parks and Recreation

    I’ll agree with you guy’s that Greenfield should definately win.

  2. Will Arnett’s episodes were pretty acclaimed, even by a lot of detractors. Plus, his episodes were damn incredible. Since actors submit one episode, and Arnett has a ton of range AND screen time in both episodes, which are damn hilarious, he’s a shoo-in for a nomination and win.

  3. Thanks for this, guys. I haven’t kept up with the Emmy races, so this is really helpful. I agree with you that MF is somewhat on the decline.


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