Emmy Chatter: Comedy Nominations (Part 2)

re1Part 1 of the conversation can be found here. This is Part 2 of a 4 part conversation regarding the Emmy nominations, which will be announced on July 18th.

Terence:  ‪You know who you don’t have to hold out hope for getting a nomination? Jim Parsons and Alec Baldwin who will surely hear their names called in Actor.

Joseph:  ‪Like Bowen, I refuse to even mention the slimy Baldwin. How many times can you be a jerk before being shunned by Hollywood?

Terence:  ‪Infinity if you’re white, but this is not that discussion lmao

Joseph:  ‪Hah!

Terence:  ‪Actor is perhaps the most intriguing category because despite the big names in play, I think it accurately reflects the work being done. You have people like Louis C.K. in play against Don Cheadle and you’ve got Jake Johnson, who did some amazing work on New Girl this season, challenging Cryer as someone who can switch categories.

Joseph:  ‪Other than Greenfield, I don’t see New Girl that much in play at the Emmys this season. Yes to Don Cheadle, Louis C.K. and Jim Parsons

Terence:  ‪Oh man Jake Johnson is getting that nomination. New Girl this season so hinged on his character’s growing relationship with Jess that I can’t see them not nominating him.

Joseph:  ‪And again, I must go with “the Emmy loves nominating an actor who works heavily in film” and predict Jason Bateman as the only Arrested Development actor nominated from the show.

Terence:  ‪Why would they nom Bateman when PLENTY of the other nominees do film work?

Joseph:  ‪Not to the active extent that Bateman does.

Terence:  ‪It’s just semantics at this point, which is why I feel these will be the noms: Don Cheadle, Louis C.K., Alec Baldwin, Jim Parsons, Jake Johnson and Jon Cryer, with Baldwin winning for 30 Rock’s final season

Joseph:  ‪Yuck to a Baldwin win. Well I have (in order): 1. Louis C.K., 2. Jim Parsons, 3. Jon Cryer, 4. Don Cheadle, 5. Adam Scott, and 6. Jason Bateman.

Terence:  ‪Oh you really think Parks and Rec is gonna get a lot of love? I’m assuming you then have Pohler as a lock for a best actress nom?

Joseph:  ‪Yeah.

Terence:  ‪I love this best actress category this year and yet I can’t shake the feeling that Dunham’s work on Girls (which seemed very baity to me and not in a good way) is gonna stop someone like Laura Dern from getting her just due.

Joseph:  ‪The Academy’s newest member certainly could steal a win but I still have Louis-Dreyfus as the one to beat. She’s just so likable and I believe the committee prefers Veep to Girls.

Terence:  ‪Oh Dreyfus is easy to pencil in for a win, I’m just concerned that they’ll go for Dunham’s antics over someone like Dern or Plimpton, or even Mindy Kaling.

Joseph:  ‪Mindy Kalling has zero chance, and neither does Plimpton really.

Terence:  ‪I’d also like to acknowledge the young actresses like Jane Levy of Suburgatory and Ashley Rickards of Awkward who won’t come near the field but deserve to.

Joseph:  ‪Too many big names to overcome.

Terence:  ‪Yeah I think it’s a great field, so who ya got?

Joseph:  ‪I have 1. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, 2. Lena dunham, 3. Laura Dern, 4. Amy Poehler, 5. Tina Fey, 6. Edie Falco

and the big snub is Zooey Deschanel I’m expecting.

Terence:  ‪#1 by a huge margin is Dreyfus, followed by Poehler, Dunham, Deschanel (New Girl is too massive for her to miss), Fey, and Falco with Dern missing again.

Terence: Speaking of the massiveness of New Girl, Fox is gearing up for the big campaign should it get nominated for Comedy series.

Joseph:  ‪I really dont see how that show is “massive”. Its ratings are just okay and it wasn’t a huge player at last year’s Emmys.

Terence:  ‪It has made quite a leap in quality since last season and people are much more aware of it, it’s not Big Bang Theory but it’s got a sizable audience. AND it’s got most of the actors in contention and when that happens…awards/noms tend to follow.

Joseph:  ‪I doubt it but you could very well be correct.

Terence:  ‪It might just be my hope but I need something like New Girl in the lineup because I’m 100% sure lackluster seasons of Girls and Modern Family are going to be in.

Joseph:  ‪Of course they will be, as is 30 Rock, which by the way I cannot wait to see drift off into the sunset forever.

Terence:  ‪This field is so tight literally anything could/should be in…and I agree about 30 Rock.

Joseph:  ‪I still think the widespread love for Poehler will help carry Parks and Recreation into the big leagues.

Terence:  ‪Alright so give me your series noms.

Joseph:  ‪My series noms are… ‪1. Veep because it’s probably the all around least hated (Argo theory), 2. Girls, 3. Modern Family, 4. The Big Bang Theory, 5. Louie., and 6. 30 Rock

Terence:  ‪Damn and here I was thinking I would shock the world with my Veep pic lol I’ve got Veep, Louie, Big Bang Theory, Girls, Modern Family, 30 Rock…with Veep scraping by TBBT for the win

Joseph:  ‪We have the same ones haha

Terence:  ‪Yeah I want to put New Girl in but I have no faith in the academy being able to resist the standard noms

Joseph:  ‪True dat.

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Written by Terence Johnson

When he's not enduring Shade Samurai training from Victoria Grayson, you can find Terence spends his time being an avid watcher of television, Criterion film collector, Twitter addict, and awards season obsessive. Opinionated but open minded, ratchet but with class, Terence holds down the fort as the producer of the Power Hour podcast. You can follow him on Twitter at @LeNoirAuteur.


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