Emmy Chatter: Drama Series, Pt. 2 – Lead Actor, Actress and Series Predictions!


This is Part 2 of the Drama Series chat. You can check out Part 1 where Joseph and I discussed the supporting actors here.

Terence: Well since you mention sign sealed and delivered awards last time, do we see Jon Hamm finding some way to rig ballots so Bryan Cranston won’t win again?

Hugh Bonneville, Downton Abbey
Steve Buscemi, Boardwalk Empire
Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad
Michael C. Hall, Dexter
Jon Hamm, Mad Men
Damian Lewis, Homeland

Jon Hamm realizing Cranston will win again

Joseph: No, no, and no. And I hate that. Jon Hamm has deserved his Emmy win for so long. Every time people think it’s his year, it suddenly isn’t and some other person gets the win, mostly Cranston. But Cranston’s new found Hollywood upsurge really makes him an even stronger contender than before, Hamm’s acting hasn’t been praised outside of Mad Men, whereas Cranston’s has been.

Terence: Yeah I actually see Hamm in the Carell/Laurie camp of never winning. I do think that Lewis has a chance to upset here based on how intense his work is on Homeland.

Joseph: Lewis…he’s good but I find him totally unlikable; I also think his acting is a bit too pretentious at times. He doesn’t really act like a real, decent person. Especially if he’s trying to convince everyone he’s not a terrorist. I have two episodes left on Homeland, but I don’t think Lewis is the best part of the show. Maybe third best actor?

Terence: Saying he’s the 3rd best actor on a show with 1st rate acting isn’t really a disparaging comment lol I’m just saying that since the show is well liked and that role very complex that he has a chance.

Joseph: He is certainly in contention to win, but I have a difficult time seeing it occur. Everyone knows that I want Michael C. Hall to win, but it will never happen.

Terence: I’m amazed you made it this far without shouting MICHAEL C HALL NEEDS AN EMMY FOR PLAYING DEXTER! at me.

Joseph: Because it’s a lost cause. No matter how loud I shout, it never happens. And I thought it was cruel the only time they give him a win — a Globe win by the way — was when he had cancer. Like, really? Michael C. Hall was once again brilliant this season, although Jennifer Carpenter may have out-classed him for the first time in Dexter for this season alone. Still, he deserves to win every year.

‪Terence: From all I’ve heard about Dexter is that it’s starting to wear thin with people so it doesn’t shock me to find Hall at the back of the bus with Buscemi and Bonneville.

Joseph: Bonneville is spectacular. He never misses a beat — never! Dexter is not wearing thin. It’s just that people were annoyed that the season centered around religion, but we knew religion would be the focal point at some moment in Dexter’s life, so it was bound to happen. The show is going into some very risque territory next season, and I’m curious to see whether the writers can pull it all off. I have the utmost confidence.

Terence: Bonneville isn’t even the best male actor on that show, I’d much rather see Dan Stevens here but Bonneville is the elder statesman aka the oldie they’ll always give a nom to over the youngin’.

Joseph: Stevens is great, but I can see how some may find him petulant or boring. Bonneville is just so put together and incredibly nice. If he was a jerk, they wouldn’t have nominated him. The only villains that were nominated from Abbey were Maggie Smith, because..well… she’s freaking Maggie Smith!

Terence: Yeah, well speaking of old women they’ll nominate all the time, how angry are we that they nommed Glenn Close and Kathy Bates AGAIN in best actress?

Kathy Bates, Harry’s Law
Glenn Close, Damages
Claire Danes, Homeland
Michelle Dockery, Downton Abbey
Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife
Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men

Joseph: Oh man…that’s just pure tomfoolery.

Terence: Especially when you consider that they finally got over their attachment to Hargitay!

Joseph: I haven’t seen the show, but surely Kerry Washington could have been nominated for Scandal over Kathy “My show is canceled” Bates.

Terence: Kerry Washington will most assuredly be a nominee this time next year. She was fantastic on Scandal and did more in 7 episodes than Bates did the whole season.

Joseph: Well, this list is just a catastrophe, but I am happy for Michelle Dockery, Julianna Marguilles, and Claire Danes. Danes deserves to win, but I wouldn’t be disappointed if it goes to Dockery or Marguilles.

Terence: This list isn’t a travesty it’s just boring. They could have had Katey Segal, Emily Van Camp, Ginnifer Goodwin or Madeline Stowe in the lineup. I think Stowe might be the snub of the Emmys cause she was such bitchy perfection on Revenge.

Joseph: Stowe would be supporting for me. Emily Van Camp was the best for me. She was astounding and so underrated. Ginnifer Goodwin is supporting as well. Jennifer Morrison is the main character…Stowe was incredibly bitchy but also very sympathetic in her own kind of way. I liked how the writers gave her several layers of complexity, although maybe she lost the Emmy over that random side story fling with Rome‘s James Purefoy.

Terence: No it wasn’t the side story. I think the Emmys are just averse to rewarding soaps with primetime awards but even then, the acting work being done on Once Upon a Time and Revenge is superior to Harry’s Law.

You don’t need shock therapy to know Danes is the frontrunner.

Joseph: Very astute point sir, and that’s a shame. Also, what happened to embracing high concept programming? The Emmys need to return to their glory days of giving wins to shows like 24 and Lost.

Terence: Idk…but what I do know is that as much as I complain about these nominees I can take solace in the fact that my girl Claire Catherine Danes is gonna take this Emmy for Homeland. I’ve been telling Clayton since I joined the site that she was the front runner and she so deserves to win, even though I love Dockery and Marguilles.

Joseph: I didn’t think she would be a front runner until I actually watched Homeland and saw how incredible she truly is. Marguilles could still win, but I do believe this is Danes’ year. Those two will be battling it out all year long. And the fact that Homeland has the Emmy nom and The Good Wife doesn’t allows Danes to have the edge.

Terence: I’ve been trying to tell you guys that for the longest! lol I think Julianna is a strong challenger because there’s not an episode of The Good Wife where she isn’t on point but Danes has so many acting show case scenes.

Joseph: Claire Danes could definitely use Homeland as a vehicle to get her back into the Hollywood limelight. I could see her as a future Oscar nominee. Truth be told, I never knew she had it in her to be so damn convincing.

Terence: I’ve loved Claire in everything, even the dreadful Terminator 3. We’ve now arrived at the big award, Outstanding Drama.

Boardwalk Empire
Breaking Bad
Downton Abbey
Game of Thrones
Mad Men

Terence: For the first time ever doesn’t contain a broadcast network nominee, unless you count Downton Abbey coming on PBS, despite being a BBC show.

Joseph: Well, it is a PBS broadcast but you are right. I was shocked that The Good Wife wasn’t nominated. I mean, Emmy has been it’s sustaining life force since the first season, and it’s never dropped in quality. Boardwalk Empire is good television, but not great, and even though it nearly won the major Emmy prize last year, I genuinely thought it wasn’t going to make it again this year.

Terence: It seems like neither Academy can resist period pieces even when there is superb modern art being created…so I’m not shocked that The Good Wife, Revenge, Once Upon A Time or Sons of Anarchy aren’t here, maybe slightly disappointed. But man that lineup is so good.

Joseph: It isn’t as great as last years, but I am ecstatic for Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones. All day, I’ve been wracking my head between Homeland and Downton winning, and truth be told, I still won’t have an answer until you force me to produce one. I do think Mad Men will walk away empty handed, at least when it comes to “Best Drama.”

Terence: I actually think this is one of the best lineups we’ve seen, aside from Boardwalk Empire, any of these shows could win…even Game of Thrones.

Joseph: All those acting noms for Downton Abbey makes me think it has the best shot. But this is also an election year and Homeland was very well received by critics, even though less received by the one who matters most (yours truly), and it’s an election year on top of everything. Could the Emmy committee embrace the more patriotic show?

TerenceHomeland had an excellent first season has a surefire winner in Danes to carry it over the edge. Also doesn’t hurt that it’s the Presidents favorite show. This season of Downton was not as good as that first one, which would be the only thing giving me pause…plus do you really think they’re going to let a British series waltz over here and take the award away from terse political spy drama, a 60s period piece about Manhattan ad men, a 20s period piece about prohibition and gangsters or a modern crime thriller…ALL of which take place in America? Hell even Game of Thrones was imagined by an American writer.

Joseph: Well, committees like the Emmys and AMPAS love the Brits to no end. I would not put it past them to award Downton Abbey the win, and would be glad if they did. I’m rooting for it regardless. I haven’t see the entire season, but who knows. Maybe it’s Game of Thrones year, but I do believe the quality of the program can and will get even better.

Terence: You see how we’ve had this long discussion and haven’t even really mentioned Mad Men? I think much like President Obama, it has to fight being the incumbent, even with a spectacular season because the other shows are much gaudier. The reserved aesthetic of the show might make it so good but we know that with such showy competition they might just forget about it this time around.

Joseph: Well, Mad Men has won four years now. Served its term so to speak, haha! I still think this will go to Downton or Homeland. if Lewis wins best actor, Homeland will win. That’s my guess.

Terence: Yeah I’d say if anyone from Downton wins other than Smith watchout. But I have just a weird feeling that Breaking Bad might blow them all up and win because its an even bigger critical darling and hit than Mad Men.

Joseph: But Breaking Bad has been snubbed before as a nomination. It will win next year — guaranteed.

Terence: Guaranteeing next year’s winners already? Well how about you put your money where your mouth is and tell the readers who will take it in 2 weeks.

Joseph: Very well sir.
Best Supporting Actor: Giancarlo Esposito, Breaking Bad
Best Supporting Actress: Maggie Smith, Downton Abbey
Best Actor: Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad
Best Actress: Claire Danes, Homeland
Best Drama Series: Downton Abbey

Terence: Wow ok well my choices are
Best Supporting Actor: Giancarlo Esposito, Breaking Bad
Best Supporting Actress: Christina Hendricks, Mad Men
Best Actor: Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad
Best Actress: Claire Danes, Homeland
Best Drama Series: Mad Men, becoming the first drama to win 5 in a row

Joseph: Holy shitzu.

Terence: Shocking huh? lol

Joseph: Yeah that is shocking but we shall certainly see.

Terence: Yep we shall see. Well that does it for our emmy chatter series, but we’re gonna keep the conversation going on Sept 23 we’ll be hosting an Emmy live blog on the site so see you all then!

Joseph: See you everyone, keep being excited!