English-Language Remake of ‘Force Majeure’ to Star Julia Louis Dreyfus?


Julia-Louis-DreyfusI think we can all agree that a remake of last year’s foreign contender Force Majeure is pretty unnecessary, but with one coming all the same, there’s some solace to take in the fact that it’s made an interesting casting decision. Yes, reports have none other than Julia Louis-Dreyfus in talks for the lead role. Those of you who say the film know that she’d play the mother of a family on vacation that winds up going through something very, let’s say…interesting, leading to a re-examination of the family roles all around. Depending on who they target for the husband role, this could make for a compelling, if unnecessary, English language version of the movie. Fox Searchlight has this, which is likely a good sign, but it’s still very much early days. They could do a lot worse than Louis-Dreyfus though, so I’m giving this the benefit of the doubt right now. No one is on board to write or direct yet (though Louis-Dreyfus will be one of the producers), and that’s what will really make all of the difference here in the end.

Stay tuned for more on the remake of Force Majeure over the next year or two as it develops.


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