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EXCLUSIVE: Producer Todd Lieberman Reveals ‘Wonder’ Spin-Off In Development on ‘Circuit Breaker: The Extras’

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toddliebermanEarlier today, AwardsCircuit’s Editor-in-Chief Clayton Davis chatted with Oscar-nominated Producer of “The Fighter” Todd Lieberman as part of AwardCircuit’s LIVE interview, community, and podcast series, ”Circuit Breaker: The Extras.” During the conversation, Lieberman discussed the tole COVID-19 has taken on several of his projects in development. The most notable of which is the anticipated sequel to Disney’s “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” starring Josh Gad and Rick Moranis. While discussing the setbacks, Lieberman shed some light on four other projects in the pipeline.

“One is a pilot at ABC with Steven Williams directing and Marcus Samuelson producing with us about a restaurant in Harlem,” said Lieberman. “One is a Lionsgate movie about music with Zach Levi and Cole Sprouse called ‘Undercover’ with Steve Pink directing. The other one that’s gotten a lot of ink is ‘Shrunk,’ the ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids’ sequel that we’re doing with Joe Johnston directing again, Josh Gad and Rick Moranis.”

Not much else is known regarding the pilot Lieberman is working on and Zachary Levi originally announced “Undercover” on his Instagram last month. “Undercover” takes inspiration from films such as “School of Rock” and “Pitch Perfect” and follows Jack (Levi), a burnt-out rocker turned father who secretly joins a group of young musicians in a wedding cover band fronted by Ben (Cole Sprouse) in order to provide for his new family. According to Lieberman, the project has been in development for 10 years.

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On the topic of Rick Moranis’ return to the big screen in “Shrunk,” the producer shared and gave credit David Hoberman for getting him involved.

“Yeah, I give credit to my business partner David [Hoberman] who knew him from back in the day while at Disney. He was pretty instrumental in figuring that out.”

Lieberman then went on to recount a touching story of how “Beauty and the Beast” and “Wonder” helped to inspire change within a conservative politician. The recount led to a discussion about “Wonder” to which Davis inquired about potential spin-offs or sequels based on other books in the series. Lieberman said the following:

“There’s a graphic novel that R.J. Paladin wrote called ‘White Bird’ that we have the rights to. It’s being written right now by one of my favorite writers in the world, Mark Bomback, and we intend to make that movie as well. It’s kind of an off-shoot to the ‘Wonder’ story and follows the bully character in ‘Wonder,’ Julian and his grandmother. The film is essentially a story of his grandmother’s experience during the Holocaust that she is re-telling to Julian for the purpose of giving him insight into being good to people.”

AwardsCircuit recently spoke with actor Paul Walter-Hauser on “Circuit Breaker: The Extras” and the next guest will be screenwriter Virgil Williams on Sunday, March 29 at 12:00 pm eastern time.

The full video hangout and interview with Todd Lieberman can be found below.

Did you enjoy our interview with the TODD LIEBERMAN? Who else would you like to see on episodes of “Circuit Breaker: The Extras?” Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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