Girls_Poster Rev2.inddBEST COMEDY SERIES

“30 Rock” – NBC
“The Big Bang Theory” – CBS
“Girls” – HBO
“Modern Family” – ABC
“New Girl” – FOX
“Veep” – HBO

Looking at the lineup and what it has been in the past, we could definitely be in store for some surprise inclusions (or exclusions) from the category.  I think the only show that is assured to hear its name called would be “The Big Bang Theory” and it looks to actually be the favorite to win this year.  “Modern Family” has won for three consecutive years but is coming off its worst season yet.  It may hurt it in the long run and I wouldn’t be count out a snub in the night’s biggest category.  The popularity of “New Girl” grows by the second and with standouts Zooey Deschanel and Max Greenfield assured nominations, the FOX show could find itself as the representation for the network in the major categories.  It’s much deserved.

HBO will likely have a two-punch that includes “Girls” and “Veep.”  The latter definitely had the critics behind it this season with Lena Dunham’s show growing its audience by the episode despite some quibbles about uneven storytelling this year.

I think the big question is whether or not the love for “Arrested Development” still exists among voters.  Possibly sharing the same problem as its Drama counterpart, “House of Cards,” the Netflix show will have to do battle with shows not existing solely in the internet clouds.

I’m crossing my fingers for “Louie” and at this point is just waiting for a pleasant surprise if it gets nominated.

“Arrested Development” – Netflix
“Louie” – F/X
“Parks and Recreation” – NBC
“Episodes” – Showtime
“The Office” – NBC


  1. Good nominees…BUT where is the love for THE MIDDLE. I know it is a long shot b/c MODERN FAMILY, rightly or wrongly this season, gets the press and accolades. But THE MIDDLE has had a fantastic year, I would argue much better the MF’s. I am very hopeful for a THE MIDDLE inclusion, but not holding my breath.

    • It probably did have a better year than “Modern Family” but it hasn’t received the critical notices yet to get into the final six. I could be wrong.

      we’ll have to wait and see.

  2. More House of Cards, I hope… Also, I’m assuming you mean Elizabeth Moss in Top of the Lake, not Mad Men, for Best Actress in a Mini-Series or Movie…

  3. I’m curious since I didn’t see you mention it anywhere, but is Sherlock not eligible for this years Emmys?

    Overall excellent picks. I honesty can’t really disagree with any of them.


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