FIRST LOOK: Disney Releases ‘Aladdin’ Images with Will Smith, Mena Massoud, and Naomi Scott


Disney continues to roll out films based on the animated classics of the Disney Renaissance. They’ve already released a live-action version of “Beauty and the Beast,” and have “Lion King” in the pipeline. However, before we get to that film, “Aladdin” from Guy Ritchie will release early in 2019. Based on the popular film, this version stars Will SmithMena MassoudNaomi Scott, and Marwan Kenzari. While we got a teaser look at Aladdin himself a few weeks ago, Entertainment Weekly has released the first look at the film.

The images give us a look at the surprisingly bright Aladdin” from Ritchie. While the teaser that released a few weeks ago was rather dark in tone, these images are well lit and full of blues, reds, yellows, and teals. One thing that seems to be going excellent for the film is Massoud, who looks like he is over the moon in every frame. He will likely be a breakout star for the film and his excitement is palpable.
The look of Will Smith will also play an important role in selling the film. Rather than making him big and blue, Ritchie has conveyed the color through costuming. Many of the other trademarks of the character are present, including the hair and goatee, but actually coloring him blue does not appear to be on the table.
Last, but certainly not least, Naomi Scott looks to have a comfortable costume built for her. Five years ago, it likely would have been visually similar to the “slave Leia” costuming. Rather than actually expose her stomach, the one piece is gold in the midriff. It’s a smart move for Disney, and should help Scott control the room without being used as a sex symbol. The three actors look fun, and while the quality of the film is still very much in question, the look does help sell this as an interesting live action film.

What do you think of the first look at “Aladdin” from Guy Ritchie? Does this change your opinion about the film at all? What about your anticipation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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