First Trailer for George Clooney’s Oscar Hopeful, ‘The Monuments Men’


It appears the movie Gods heard my cries yesterday when I wrote about wanting to see the first trailer for George Clooney’s The Monuments Men, because lo and behold, today we have just that. Many of us have been calling this one the frontrunner for Oscar’s Best Picture race for quite some time, and based on the trailer, the film looks like it has the chops to be seen on the red carpet many times throughout the upcoming awards season.

The film seems like Oscar bait from the start: Clooney is their most beloved movie star in recent memory, having been nominated in a record amount of categories (six!) over the last eight years. There’s also a decent chance Clooney might have several opportunities to add to his two Oscar wins – he directed, starred, co-produced, and adapted the screenplay (along with Grant Heslov) for the film.

The Monuments Men is based on Robert M. Edsel’s novel about a group of American and British soldiers, curators, and art historians who go behind enemy lines at the height of Adolf Hitler’s campaign through Europe, as the Fuehrer began collecting and destroying priceless works of art that he despised. Their mission is to recover as many artifacts as they can before they are forever lost. The stellar casts includes multiple Oscar winners and nominees, including Clooney, Matt Damon, Cate Blanchett, Jean Dujardin, Bill Murray, and Bob Balaban, along with John Goodman and Hugh Bonneville.

So let’s review:

Beloved Hollywood icon – Check.
Historically important subject matter – Check.
World War II and Nazis – Check.
All-Star cast – Check.

Did I mention five-time Oscar nominee Alexandre Desplat is scoring the film?

The Monuments Men arrives December 18.








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Written by Mark Johnson

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I don’t know. I’m just really not feeling this at all. Call me crazy. Not a very “Wow!” trailer, but who knows. Don’t think it can win because Clooney/Heslov just won, but right now I don’t even see it getting nominated. Doesn’t scream “serious WWII drama” enough to me.

Clayton Davis

I’m underwhelmed. Looks very “The Good German” meets “Argo” – Not feeling it too much.


Clayton Davis,

Agreed, Clayton. Clooney hasn’t been on top of his game since Good Night and Good Luck, so I’m not expecting a masterpiece.


It looks soooooo bad :/


Not a great trailer, but not a bad one either. Damon looks really good and I see him getting nominated if this is a hit. Blanchett was in it too little to make any judgments.

I see this as being fun and entertaining. HOW fun and entertaining is the big question.

Terence Johnson

the trailer made the movie look…decent I guess. While the Oscars do love WW2, this just looks like WW2 lite with a dash of Oceans Eleven.


I just want Goodman to get an Oscar…


It looks like a solid entertaining movie. It is on the “go to see” list due to subject matter and actors involved. Other than that, I don’t see any downpour of gold statues.


With all of the other great trailers that have come out in the past few weeks, this one just doesn’t look like it can keep up with the competition. I feel like I should just drop it off of my predictions list, but I know that Oscar won’t be able to resist this type of film. We will see in December.


Doubt this will be our big winner in any sense, but I could see it scoring a few noms, maybe even a low spot on the BP lineup. Looks alright.



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