Franchise Creator John Carpenter Will Score Blumhouse’s ‘Halloween’


If you can take over a franchise and gain the support of said franchise’s creator, that’s usually a good sign. In the case of the “Halloween” series, John Carpenter started things off with a classic. Before long, however, things devolved into generic slasher territory. Mediocre (at best) sequel after sequel diluted the brand, until Rob Zombie rebooted things, to mixed success. Since then, the brand has been dormant. Now, with a new entry coming to us from Blumhouse Productions later this year, there’s something cool to report. After not having been involved with “Halloween” for years, and after a bunch of rumors over the past couple of months, Carpenter is finally involved once again with his signature achievement in an official capacity.

According to a Tweet by Jason Blum himself, Carpenter will be composing the new “Halloween” score. David Gordon Green is directing and co-writing with Danny McBride, and Jamie Lee Curtis is starring once again, so there’s some very nice talent on hand here. Curtis is also obviously playing Laurie Strode again, so the classic story is getting a new chapter. Also starring Judy Greer and Will Patton, as well as Nick Castle in the Michael Myers part, this has some interesting potential. The movie was always intriguing, giving Green’s eclectic taste, but having Carpenter composing the score is a real coup. If nothing else, the music will be on par with the classic.

Here is the Tweet from Blum confirming Carpenter’s involvement:

Scheduled to be released on October 19th, “Halloween” is one of the more notable 2018 horror titles to look out for. With Carpenter’s blessing and musical talents, Michael Myers will once again hunt Laurie Strode in about six months, so stay tuned on more in regards to the film.