Friday Five: 5 Panels We’re Most Excited For at Comic-Con

san-diego-comic-conComic-Con is just around the corner and like any one of the legion of people headed down the anticipation of the event is really starting to hit. I’m really looking forward to going back down and covering all of the happenings again. You can see my tentative schedule here, but I thought I’d highlight the 5 panels I absolutely do not want to miss.

1. Entertainment Weekly’s The Visionaries (Thursday 2:30pm Hall H): Comic-Con is good for bringing together interesting people together to sit on panels and Entertainment Weekly has planned a doozy of one by enlisting Marc Webb, Alfonso Cuarón and Edgar Wright on a panel to talk about filmmaking, storytelling, and the future of the medium.

2. Marvel Studios Panel (Saturday 6pm Hall H): The Marvel folks have got these types of events down to a science by now and will be bringing footage from Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier to screen for their adoring fans. It will be interesting to see if they brought footage from any of the other Phase 2 projects like Guardians of the Galaxy or will be announcing new solo movies like Black Panther or Doctor Strange.

3. The Character of Music (Friday 3pm Room 32AB): Rare is it that you get creators and their composers in the same room outside of the studio, but this panel aims to bring together show runners, composers and directors for a conversation about the importance of music as a character and the relationship between compose and EP. Also of not is two of my favorite horror themed shows, Teen Wolf and Hannibal, will have their creative teams on this panel

4. Ender’s Game and Divergent (Thursday 3:50pm Hall H): Summit has been very successful in the launch of franchises and while both of these films have built in fan bases, it’s critical that they have good showings at Comic-Con. It will be delightful to see Harrison Ford on the Ender’s Game panel, but I have a feeling that Divergent could steal the Con if the footage they’re screening wows the audience.

5. Teen Wolf (Thursday 6pm Ballroom 20): Outside of Scandal, not current TV show interacts as much with it’s fandom as Teen Wolf does, so this panel should be raucous from start to finish for fans like myself. Given that it takes place on a week in between an episode where a major character will die and a much hyped flashback episode, this panel will certainly provide a very interesting Q&A section and intriguing trailer.


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Written by Terence Johnson

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