Genre Geeks: 5 Franchise Crossover Ideas


In light of recent films like “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Ready Player One” that blend popular movie characters and worlds alike into one exhilarating mosh pit, I thought it would be fun to surmise crossover films whose franchises complement each other. Here are five of the biggest cinematic universes that deserve future collision.

Crossover: “Star Wars” and “Star Trek”

Who Should Direct: J.J. Abrams

Tentative Title: “A Trek Into a Galaxy Far, Far Away”

Concept: Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) and the crew of the “U.S.S. Enterprise” discover a wormhole in deep space. Before they can log its existence, the ship becomes caught in a gravity well that pulls them through the phenomena. On the other side, the diplomatic explorers discover a galaxy rife with war and religious zealotry. Set thousands of years before Darth Sidious would usurp power and rise as Emperor, a war wages on between the Old Republic Jedi guardians and their Sith adversaries. “The Enterprise” is captured by the Old Republic fleet, mistaking them for the Sith and their hired Mandalorian mercenaries. The crew agrees to extend their diplomatic skills to the galactic conflict but firmly promises to support the Jedi cause.

After several space battles and planet-side skirmishes, Spock (Zachary Quinto) is able to infiltrate Sith headquarters and perform his Vulcan mind meld on their leader. By doing so, Spock convinces the Sith Lord to retreat yet remain stronger by limiting the religion to just two participants: master and student. Subsequently, a temporary peace is established. However, Spock never tells Kirk about the accord brokered with the Sith leader. Spock’s intervention in turn leads to the famous Sith “Rule of Two” of “Star Wars” legend.

Crossover: “Harry Potter” and “Lord of the Rings”

Who Should Direct: Guillermo Del Toro

Tentative Title: “Harry Potter and the Ring of Power”

Concept: Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts for the school’s annual Wizard Alumni week. Harry’s marriage to Ginny is strained since he can’t seem to separate himself from the school or the fame it brought him. Ron and Hermione also show up to give lectures and facilitate magic workshops inspired by their careers as respective wizard and witch. One of these workshops involves field work that takes them to the Cambrian Mountains in Wales.

During this class trip, pain sears from Harry’s forehead scar. This prompts him to wonder if there is a rising danger nearby that’s summoning him. Rather than share this news with Ron and Hermione, Harry concocts an impromptu demonstration of Auror power. With the help of fellow Auror, Ron, Harry levitates soil and sediment from deep within the earth. Much to everyone’s surprise, Harry unveils a buried network of tunnels that go deep within the mountain range.

Potter pretends that this hidden lair is all part of a student-alumni exercise, but in actuality he stumbles upon it with the aid of dark whispers. Ron and Hermione implicitly trust Harry and go along with it so as not to frighten the students. However, the deeper they inspect the tunnels, the more fearful the Weasleys become that Harry’s investigation is less exploratory than it is compulsory. Before the couple can confront their old friend, Harry stumbles onto the One Ring of ancient Middle Earth lore (pre-Western Europe, let’s say). What ensues is a protagonist transforming into a villain. Harry’s friends employ everything in their arsenal to stop him before the Ring irreparably twists his soul.

Crossover: “Jurassic Park” and “Avatar”

Tentative Title: “Pandora Park”

Who Should Direct: Ava DuVernay

Concept: The only way to pair two ridiculous franchises and take them seriously would be under the supervision of a director whose artistic vision transcends genre confinement. With the humans banished from Pandora at the end of “Avatar,” the crossover spinoff jumps ahead with the knowledge that Earth and its human race are no more except for a few refugees scattered across various planets across the galaxy. One of these refugees happens to be a vengeful biologist who sneaks aboard a cargo ship. Coincidentally, Pandora has agreed to open its borders for trade, believing humans are no longer a threat. With him, the biologist carries preserved eggs containing genetically modified dinosaurs. Unbeknownst to this planetary terrorist, the Pandora natives known as the Na’vi have already planned for human retaliation.

The Na’vi have spent the last few years learning everything they can about their former enemies from newly assimilated Jake (Sam Worthington). Every biological plight or threatening species to come from Earth has been recorded and thoroughly researched. When the biologist’s eggs hatch, the dinosaurs’ growth accelerates and they soon begin their carnivorous scourge of the Pandoran landscape. The Na’vi hope to quell the dinosaurs’ rage and successfully integrate them into their ecosystem. Meanwhile, Jake and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), alongside their grown children, formulate a mission to capture and eliminate the human element behind this new “alien” invasion.

Crossover: “Mission: Impossible” and “James Bond”

Who Should Direct: Gareth Evans

Tentative Title: “The Hunt for Bond”

Concept: Remnant affiliates of the fallen criminal organization known as the Syndicate begin feeding false information about their resurrection through back-end spy channels. Ethan Hunt and his CIA employers obtain this intelligence. With it comes an invitation to meet the intel’s source. Ethan then rendezvouses with the source, only to have the man assassinated in front of him. As Ethan begs for the identity of the man in charge of the Syndicate’s revival, the informant’s dying last words are, “Bond…James Bond.”

Thus, Ethan Hunt and the CIA devise an operation to find this mysterious Bond fellow, abduct him and permanently subdue him if necessary. Bond, meanwhile, is having a luxurious semi-retirement with a martini in hand on the beaches of Barbados. His holiday is about to be shaken and undoubtedly disturbed.

Crossover: “Mad Max” and “The Fast and the Furious”

Who Should Direct: George Miller

Tentative Title: “The Fast and the Furiosa”

Concept: The year is 2040 and Earth’s resources have been drained thanks to max consumption and a never-ending war among nations. The land is slowly devolving into desert. Glitz and glamour are deteriorating into decay and dilapidation. The Toretto family is entirely autonomous now that terrorists and government organizations aren’t holding their services hostage. Dominic and Letty’s kids are adults, and several of them have already taken over the family business. Viewing retirement with Mia and Brian in their horizon, Dominic and Letty are hoping to phase out of saving the world.

It isn’t until their prized motor skills and vehicular assets become survival tools for the crumbling human race that they’re dragged back into the fight. Rumor has it that Immortan Joe and his army of road warriors are about to rid Los Angeles of its female population. Letty and her daughters train the female citizens in gun combat and high-speed driving so they can protect themselves in lieu of a mass abduction. One of these young girls is Furiosa, who alongside her mother takes a brave stand against the onslaught of Joe’s raid.

What are some of your franchise crossover ideas of fantasies? Tell us below in the comments!