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    Film Review: ‘The Vast of Night’ Looks Beyond the Twilight Zone

    The sky is just the beginning for the promising filmmaker, Andrew Patterson. His debut, “The Vast of Night,” is the kind of inventive, ominous, small-scale science fiction that launches epic discussion. Combing the conspiratorial allure of “Area 51” with rising Cold War tensions of the 1950s, this riff on CBS’s “The Twilight Zone”  — known […] More

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    Top 10: Best Alien Abduction Movies (0 submissions)

    Throughout our existence, mankind’s wondered if there are other life forms beyond our planet. Knowing if we are alone in this vast universe is one of the most important scientific questions of anyone’s lifetime. Throughout cinema history, we have seen plenty of stories examine humans going out to the vast distances of space to get […] More