Glee Recap Episode 5.01 “Love, Love, Love”

gleeGlee Recap 5.01- “Love, Love Love”

Synopsis: The Glee Club performs The Beatles. Blaine and Kurt consider their future together and Rachel’s ambitions take a surprising turn.


The new season of Glee is paying homage to The Beatles with a two-part episode. Rachel is trying to fight for her future in Funny Girl, Blaine is trying to make Kurt apart of his future, Sue Sylvester is dominating the world like usual, and Artie is getting lucky in love with yet another glee girl.

Rachel gets her callback for Funny Girl, but the director believes that she’s too young for the role and doesn’t have enough experience. But Rachel tries to prove her worth when the director of the show finds himself in the restaurant Rachel is working in.

After Kitty helps Artie find the courage to stand up to his mother about where he wants to go to college, Artie wants takes Kitty out to say thank you. While out, Kitty reveals her true feelings for Artie, but also suggests that if they begin to see each other they keep it on the down low to protect her status at school. After Tina finds this out and butts in, Kitty changes her mind and decides to become an exclusive couple.

After Blaine does everything in his power to get Kurt back, Kurt finally decides to get back together with him. Blaine is so excited that he wants to propose to Blaine. High school marriage didn’t work out for Finn and Rachel, but Blaine wants to propose regardless of what anyone says. Blaine wants it to be so special that he recruits the other high school glee teams to help him with a grand proposal. Will Kurt say yes or no?

Remember that school-shooting episode where Sue gets fired? Well, Becky confessed to bringing a gun to school and Sue is brought back to McKinnley High. But this time she’s back as principle after setting Mr. Figgins up and getting him demoted to a janitor position. Her main priority for the school is to make every club and team winners, and if they don’t become winners the coaches will be fired.

In case anybody was wondering, there was no mention of Finn in this episode.

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