Glee Recap Episode 5.02 – “Tina In The Sky With Diamonds”

gleeSynopsis: When Tina receives a nomination for prom queen, she develops an attitude that bothers her supporters. Rachel and Santana work jobs at a diner.


It’s prom week, and a few of the Glee members somehow found their way on prom King/Queen ballots. For gleeks they sure are well liked. Blaine, Artie, Kitty and Tina are nominated for prom King/Queen and Tina has set her focus on winning. But with her focus shifted to winning, she drops Sam as a prom date and begins campaigning. Downside to being in Glee, someone in the cheerios always wants to destroy them.

Sue is taking her new position as principle very seriously, like insane serious. She wants to make sure the attendance is perfect but supplying each student with vaccinations making it difficult for them to miss school due to illness. Also, after learning the evil nature of one of the cheerios, she’s back to plotting again the Glee club. She wants them to win using evil motivation as there ticket to success.

Over in the big apple, Rachel still hasn’t heard back from the Funny Girl producers about whether she has won the part of her dreams or not. The anticipation drives Rachel mad and brings down her confidence, especially when Santana lands her first commercial gig. Santana befriends a coworker who is also a lesbian and they begin a relationship. So things are looking up in Santanaland.

Still no mention of Finn in this episode, but next week’s episode will be the emotional one we’ve all been waiting for.

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Written by Anna Young

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