Glee Recap Episode 5.03 – “The Quarterback”

glee-cory-monteith-tribute-the-quarterback-songsSynopsis: The entire cast of Glee comes back to memorialize the passing of Cory Monteith. After Finn passes away, the members of Glee come together to honor Finn with song and dance.


From the opening sequence where the cast of Glee comes together to sing Seasons of Love, you know immediately this will be the hardest episode of Glee to watch. I’ve watched Glee from the start, and when you watch a show you build a connection with the show and the characters. So when I heard about the passing of Cory Monteith I was genuinely sad, and the last actor I felt that way about was Heath Ledger. Let’s just say I’ve been anticipating this episode of Glee since I heard the news.

Three weeks after Finn’s passing, the new and former Glee members come back to McKinnley to memorialize Finn’s passing. They spend a week singing songs that help remember his memory and grieve.

Each student handles their grief differently, whether it is through tears or physical assault. In a tearful scene, Finn’s mom, stepdad and Kurt go through his room and separate his things. Kurt holds onto Finn’s letterman jacket, but Puck has a problem with Kurt wearing it because he didn’t earn it. After Sue tries to take down the memorial outside of Finn’s old locker, Santana goes after Sue with rage and attacks her after Sue fails to show her sympathy. But Santana’s actions make Sue admit her true feelings.

Emma encourages Will to grieve his pain instead of holding it all in, but Will feels he needs to be strong for his students while they grieve. Puck can’t handle the pain of losing his best friend.

After it’s implied Rachel won’t come back to honor Finn, she finds her way back to the Glee club. It’s difficult and heartbreaking watching Rachel sing talk about her love for Finn when Lea Michele and Monteith had a relationship outside of the show.

As a fan of Glee and Cory Monteith, I thought Ryan Murphy did a very tasteful job with this episode. Most shows don’t honor a fallen cast member, but I was happy to see they didn’t just give an excuse as to why the character of Finn would no longer be apart of the show. Also, I thought it was a great thing to not give a reason for his passing. I thought it was a great thing to use an episode to let the cast members and fans of the show grieve not only Cory, but also the simple and big-hearted character of Finn.


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