Glee Recap Episode 5.04 – “A Katy or a Gaga”

gleeSynopsis: The members of New Directions try to figure out whether they are more like Kate Perry of Lady Gaga; Kurt must decide whether to let Starchild into his bad; Jake and Bree become closer.


With nationals in six weeks, the Glee club finds themselves intimidated by the competition. They think one of the big teams is the essence of Lady Gaga and they’re Katy Perry, so they fight all week to prove they are either Katy or Gaga. So, what they’re saying is, Gaga is interesting and spontaneous while Katy is innocent and boring.

Bree, the new catty cheerio, is on a mission to steal Jake from Marley, while secretly trying to destroy the Glee club. When Bree approaches Jake about helping her with some cheerio choreography, Marley soon realizes that she is nothing like Bree and begins to prove that she will not change who she is for anybody. She chooses to prove this point during the Glee clubs ‘Applause’ performance and there are consequences.

Over in New York, Kurt is starting a new band, and when Starchild, a talented and eccentric musician auditions, Kurt turns him down because he doesn’t want to share the limelight with anybody else. Santana and Rachel try to change his mind but Kurt is stuck when he realizes he doesn’t have his number or know Starchild’s real name.

Does Kurt find the perfect band? Will Jake resist the urge to be with Bree over Marley? How will the Glee club come together after a week of Katy and Gaga? Tune in to find out.

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Written by Anna Young

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