Golden Globe Reactions: Ruben Östlund for ‘Force Majeure’, Pawel Pawlikoswki for ‘Ida’


Hollywood was abuzz today as the Golden Globes announced their 2014 nominees for film and television. Among those waking up to good news were the nominated directors for Best Foreign Language. The Awards Circuit was able to get reactions from two of them, via phone interview with Ruben Östlund from Sweden and a written statement from Pawel Pawlikowski:


What was your reaction to the news about the Golden Globe nomination for Force Majeure?
“I was too nervous to watch the livestream! I was almost more relieved than happy because we had such a good response in the US. So we started to hope that this might be possible. With all the good reviews you get spoiled and then suddenly you want more! [Laughs]. To celebrate, I actually bought some very expensive gifts for my twin daughters. They have to deal with a father who is very dedicated to his work, so that was the first thing I did.

How has the awards season been for you so far?
It’s great that Force Majeure has been mentioned a lot. I have a sports background from skiing, so I’m quite competitive! I get very jealous when another movie gets more attention than Force Majeure. [Laughs]. But really, I’m proud that they’ve been mentioning us that much. The US reactions have almost been better than the reactions in Europe. I didn’t expect this crossover success at all. We’ve always just aimed for the Cannes Film Festival. This is my third film that world premiered in Cannes, but it’s the first one that’s been distributed in the US.

Will you be attending the European Film Awards this Saturday?
Yes, I’m leaving tomorrow for Riga. But you know that Ida will be a really hard film to beat! It would be so great if we could beat it. [Laughs]

– Ruben Östlund, writer-director of Force Majeure


“Wonderful news to be nominated for the Globes and to find ourselves in the company of some of my favorite films this year.. I’m very happy and very surprised. Who could have suspected that our small black and white film from a distant time and place, would strike a chord with HFPA in Los Angeles. A bit of a fairy tale.”

Pawel Pawlikowski, director/co-writer of Ida