The Golden Globes are an integral part of the awards season and has the race unfolds for the next six months, we’ll continue to monitor all the big races that will help shape the Academy Awards in February.

As new changes come down the pike, such as the Nate Parker controversy, or the announcement of a film being pushed to the following year, I’ll be updating all predictions accordingly.

As always, these predictions tell the story of a narrative through the season.  When looking at these predictions, follow-up with the SAG predictions post, and then into the actual Oscar Prediction pages.  Is there a possibility for a last minute contender to sneak a la Jonah Hill in “The Wolf of Wall Street” or an anticipated big miss like Ben Affleck for “Argo?”

One thing’s for sure…the Golden Globes love their stars so expect some “questionable” choices along the way.

Click through the predictions and make sure to include your own predictions for the Golden Globes in the comments below!