The Good Wife Recap – 6.01: The Line

The Good Wife 1

The Good Wife 1

After a season filled with shocking twists and game-changing mutiny within Lockhart/Gardner, The Good Wife found itself on a hot streak, showing that despite its age it had no plans to rest on its laurels in Season 5. As is typical with its season finales, we were left with a cliffhanger as Eli proposes to Alicia that she should forge her own political career as State’s Attorney.

We pick up at that point with Eli urging her to consider the prospect. Before she can even contemplate the decision however, she needs to address the issue of Diane’s arrival at Florrick/Agos and the new leadership structure that entails. She arranges a meeting with Diane and Carey but he’s a no-show. It turns out he’s been arrested on a drug charge that links to a previous meeting he had with Lemond Bishop. According to the police, he gave Bishop advice on how to smuggle in $1.3 million worth of heroin and evade the authorities. Alicia comes to his defense but Finn Polmer has requested a hefty bail, worth the same street value of the offense. The situation has Florrick/Agos scrambling for money and leaves Carey vulnerable to intimidation by Bishop. To prove that he won’t make a deal (and also as a warning), Carey has to allow himself to be cut by one of Bishop’s men and call it an accident.

With the deed done satisfactorily, Bishop then arranges for one of his employees to offer up the bail in full. Sadly, it’s not over yet. Polmar is granted a source of funds hearing (to ascertain whether the bail is from drug money) intended to delay his release and put pressure on Bishop and Florrick/Agos. Oh and there’s the little detail of Polmar removing Alica from the case due to a conflict of interest. Guess he’s not so nice after all!

All of the drama surrounding Cary’s arrest doesn’t go unnoticed back at Lockhart/Gardner either. Indeed, the conniving David Lee is already suspicious of Diane’s announced “retirement” and begins turning her clients against her, labeling Florrick/Agos an “outlaw firm”. He’s got good support too, in the form of that other snake named Louis Canning.

Meanwhile, Eli attempts to get Peter on board with the idea of Alicia as State’s attorney. He adamantly refuses but after finding out that she polls well (projected to win by 8 points), he re-considers. In the midst of all the political maneuvering, Eli also has to deal with the risk of the new sexy intern (who Peter won’t allow him to fire), a young woman who struts around the office sans panties. Uh-oh! Will this temptation bring back his philandering ways?

The episode ends with Cary heading back behind bars, possibly facing an extended jail term. It all sets up a promising season ahead with some fascinating threads to follow. Will Alicia run for State’s Attorney? Will Peter get caught up in another sex scandal? Will Cary – and by extension Florrick/Agos – come out of this mess unscathed? It’s going to be interesting to see how this all plays out, delving into all the moral conflicts and character alliances which make the show so compelling.

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