Guillermo del Toro to Direct Stop-Motion Adaptation of ‘Pinocchio’ for Netflix


Last year, many in the film community were thrilled to see Guillermo Del Toro finally receive his due. He broke through with the Academy in a big way, winning the Oscar for Best Director on his way to a “Shape of Water” Best Picture win. The director continues developing creative projects throughout the industry, with wide-ranging interests and projects. Now, Netflix has courted him to create his next project. Both surprisingly, yet not at all shocking, Del Toro will try his hand in the world of stop-motion animation and adapt “Pinocchio” for the streaming service.

According to Variety, Del Toro’s adaption of the Italian story will utilize stop-motion to craft a new musical version of the story. In typical Del Toro fashion, the story will not just be a simple retelling. Set during the 1930’s, this version will be told in the shadow of Benito Mussolini‘s rise to power, and the origins of fascism in Italy. Del Toro will write, direct, and produce the film for Netflix.

This is not Del Toro’s first collaboration with Netflix. The streaming service already carries his animated television series, “Trollhunters,” which concluded its third and final season in May 2018. He designed “Trollhunters” as part of a trilogy to make up a fantasy world he created. The world, known as “Tales of Arcadia” will premiere the second part “3Below” in December. Del Toro also recruited Patrick McHale (“Over the Garden Wall“) to co-write and Mark Gustafson (“Fantastic Mr. Fox“) to co-direct. With Del Toro, expect the film to attract significant craft support. In recent years, stop-motion films like “Kubo and the Two Strings” have contended outside of just animation. If Del Toro plays his cards right, Netflix might have a real player on its hands.

What do you think of Del Toro directing a “Pinocchio” adaptation? What about his choice to release the film through Netflix? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below!